Get More Pinterest Followers From Your Competitors

You can get more Pinterest followers using a variety of techniques but one strategy in particular requires a slightly sneaky tactic. This strategy requires you getting more Pinterest followers FROM YOUR COMPETITORS’ BOARDS.

Here’s how:

1. Identify your direct competitors on Pinterest

Direct competitor means a person or organization that sells the same product or service as you. To give an example, the direct of competitor of Adidas is Nike because they both sell running shoes to regular folks and athletes.

direct competitors

How about you? Who is your direct competitor? Find them in Pinterest and note down their Pinterest accounts.

2. Follow your competitors’ boards

They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer. This is also true for our strategy. Follow your competitors’ boards. We’ll explain why later.

3. Click on their Followers and follow their boards too

It’s not enough to just follow your competitors’ boards. You will want to find out who their followers are. This information is easily viewable in Pinterest.

nikewomen pinterest

Now go through and follow their followers’ boards each day. Do this for around two to three weeks every day.

While we told you to be conscious in balancing your Follower count with your Following count, following boards doesn’t affect this balance at all because these boards aren’t counted in your total Following count.

Alternatively, you can search for potential followers by using hashtags related to your service or product. In similar fashion, follow these users’ boards too.

4. Create your boards

Next, it’s time to add boards to your Pinterest account. Each week, create around 3 to 4 boards. Create boards across a range of different topics. Try to go for boards that you see these users liking.

5. Pin your content

Pin high quality content from your website to your different boards. Don’t be lazy about adding long descriptions to each pin. Optimize your post with 2 to 4 hashtags.

Some cautionary notes:

  • Do not use more than 4 hashtags. Pinterest users find this overkill and offputting.
  • Do NOT flood feeds by posting pins all at the same time. Space your pins and give 15 minutes space between each pin if possible.

hastags meme

6. Repin content from your feed

On a daily basis, repin around 10 pins to your different boards. Experiment and see what ratio works best for you but the idea is to pin your content and to repin a small percent of content from your feed. Maybe 20% would be a good number.

pinterest feed

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How does the above strategy help you get more pinterest followers?

This strategy works because of the following effects:

a. When you follow other Pinterest users’ boards, there is a huge chance of being followed by these users. Regular Pinterest users are usually very happy to have somebody follow their boards that they will do you the same favor and follow you back too. The fact that they are already interested in your niche is icing on the cake. (Remember that you got these followers from your direct competitors’ Pinterest boards.)

get more pinterest followers

b. When you start pinning high quality pins, there is a big chance of your content being liked and repinned by these same people. The potential number of viewers for your pins increases.

c. When you start repinning these Pinterest users’ content (when you repin from your feed), you again get their attention because you’ve repinned their content. This subsequent attention will get you possible Likes, Shares, or Follows.

pinterest followers

This technique is very simple but it’s worked for many other Pinterest business pages. Now make it work for you!


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    I follow several boards that I would like to follow their followers. However, I never the the followers button on their boards. Why not? Thanks.

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