5 Natural Methods to Get Backlinks

Backlinks play a huge role in enhancing the visibility of web pages in the search engine results pages. They also contribute to the inflow of traffic to the web pages wherein they are used. This subsequently shores up the likelihood of a conversion or sales. It is for these reasons that they have to be greatly utilized.



For a start, the term backlink refers to the incoming hyperlinks from one web page to another one. Our overall in the conversations that follow shall be to examine how to get backlinks naturally in a web page. It is our hope that you will find the guidance we furnish insightful.

  1. Verify your business on Google My Business
    This is by far the most significant tool to achieve this end. Local pages rank generally higher than generalized ones. This subsequently means more traffic, and with it, higher sales and conversion rates.
    The logic that underlies this is pretty simple, most searchers will often give preferences to those pages and facilities that are located in their neighborhood as opposed to those that are a far off. This arrangement also makes it more convenient for bloggers to easily identify and write reviews for your products.
  2. Optimize your pages for both single and multiple locations
    To boost the chances of your business being tracked and spotted easily and widely, you have to optimize your pages for both the single and the multiple locations.
    The single location optimization takes care of the local environment whereas the multiple locations takes care of the broader one. By adopting this approach, it will be possible for your business to be spotted and rank highly both locally and farther afield.
  3. Guest Blogging
    Guest blogging refers to the act of generating and or posting contents on foreign blogs. In the contents, you place a hyperlink which when clicked, directs the visitor to your homepage or blog post.
    The backlinks that are built in this way are more reliable and higher in quality. This is due to the importance that most people attach to blogs as opposed to the other marketing techniques. Most blogs also insist on original contents and are thus trusted by Google and other search giants.
  4. Document Sharing Sites
    You may also consider submitting the articles you generate and e-Books to the document sharing sites. You may attempt this by first and foremost converting your posts into .pdf files after which you are to upload them to the various file-sharing sites.
    While at it, you have to retain a backlink that points visitors to your original website. This approach has the potential of generating greater inbound traffic as such sites adopt the ‘do follow’ links.
  5. Press Release
    Lastly, you may also consider leveraging the press release websites. If you adhere to this method to the latter, you will more likely generate greater inbound traffic.
    This is because these press release sites are often the source of news for the larger and well-established news outlets. As such, your site shall receive greater exposure and with it, greater visibility. For this strategy to work, you have to see to it that your story is newsworthy to elicit the required responses.


Needless to point out, the strategies we have outlined above are not all that may possibly enable you to get backlinks. There indeed are innumerable others which, owing to the limited space and time at our disposal, we inevitably had to leave out. You should consider carrying out further research in case you find the ones examined above unsatisfactory.


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