Get More Pinterest Followers Free With These 4 Unusual Tricks

Want to hear some unusual tricks guaranteed to help you get more Pinterest followers free? You’re up for a treat because we’re sharing the below strategies that we had to learn the HARD way.

That’s right! We’re giving away secrets today. Especially number 3!

1. Don’t follow more than your number of followers

So here’s the rub. At any point in time, it’s not recommended to follow more people than the followers you have. Or, at the very least, don’t let the number of people you’re following outstrip the number of your followers too much.

Other guides will tell you to follow people so that you will get followed too. But, what comes to mind when you see a Pinterest account that follows thousands but only has a following of less than one hundred? We’d think, oh, this person is probably not worth following. Or, this person probably doesn’t have interesting content. If other people aren’t following, then maybe I shouldn’t too.

We want to be that social media account that has way way more followers than people we’re following. So, when you follow, be mindful about it.

2. Decide on the ratio of your daily original Pinterest pins and repins

Depending on the type of Pinterest account you have, we’d generally recommend pinning original content AND repins too. Original content keeps your account fresh. Repins draw the attention of fellow Pinners.

Important Tip: Try to repin content from Pinners who have a high likelihood of following you back. These are usually Pinners like you who are either starting out like you or who are very active in adding new Followers.

3. Delete unpopular pins daily to get more pinterest followers free

This tip is for the Pinterest user who has hundreds of pinned content but whose follower count is going nowhere. Here’s a surprising tip. Start deleting unpopular pins.

First off, start deleting old pins with NO likes. Start with 2 or 3 daily and then increase this number slowly. You should see your Pinterest activity pick up after a couple of days.

If you finish deleting pins with NO likes, move on to pins with only 1 like, and so on. Just make sure to do this everyday and you’ll see more pinners liking your pins, saving your pins, and you’ll even get additional followers in the process.

pinterest tips

Of all our tips on how to get pinterest followers for free"]” data-sheets-userformat=”[null,null,961,[null,0],null,null,null,null,null,0,1,4,0]”>get pinterest followers for free, this is one of our favorites!

4. Join LinkCollider and get Pinterest pins for free

If you’ve got just 10 or some measly number of followers, you’re going to be hard-pressed to persuade other pinners to follow you. When you’re starting out, it’s easier to have a good decent number of followers up there.

So how do you do it?

Sign up for LinkCollider and get Pinterest pins for free. LinkCollider is a community that lets its members like each other’s content. You’ll collect tokens, the currency in the site. When you have enough tokens, you can set how many Pinterest likes you can get everyday.



I’d recommend you stay on the side of caution and don’t go overboard. It’s more believable if you get only a small number of Pinterest likes daily and then just go slowly from there.

Pinterest followers

And while you get more pinterest followers free from LinkCollider, make sure you’re doing the above strategies too!

With so many brands finally realizing the power of Pinterest, the competition to get followers in this social media platform has grown increasingly more challenging. You can beat competition and get your brand out there by providing engaging original content, repinning the content of pinners who matter, and employing simple techniques and strategies.

Good luck and happy Pinterest-ing!


Author’s Note: If you want to get more Pinterest followers for free, try out LinkCollider. It’s quick and easy to use. It’s very helpful especially if you get stuck and your Pinterest followers are not increasing.

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