4 Tips For The Latest Pinterest Algorithm Change

According to long-time Pinterest users, a PInterest Algorithm change was insituted by Pinterest in February, 2016. Now, nobody knows this for sure. The Pinterest algorithm is such a closely guarded secret that it’s like the security for the Mona Lisa.

pinterest algorithm change

However, many Pinterest users saw HUGE drops all at the same time this year thus leading to speculations of a major Pinterest algorithm change. For the most part, we welcome the change because when changes roll out, we can view them as improvements.

When your Pinterest stats are dropping like a stone in the sea, though, it’s hard to view any Pinterest algorithm change with optimism. So what can we do?

The answer is simple and is applicable to ANY Pinterest algorithm change in the future. Use Pinterest as it was meant to be used.

Tip#1: Keep your boards clean

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Review your boards. Are they balanced? Are the different facets of your brand well-represented? If not, review your boards and add/delete boards. Move your pins around, add new pins, or repin from other Pinterest users.

Tip#2: Clean up your pins

In past articles, we’ve mentioned deleting pins regularly. For some reason, this gets you increased Pinterest activity. However, we mentioned it as a strategic means to gain followers. In this instance, we are mentioning it again as a form of housekeeping.

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When you review your oldest pins, you find the ugliest pins you made when you were just starting out (with Canva, probably). You’ll also stumble upon pins or repins that no longer reflect your brand. Similar to cleaning house and throwing out unneccessary stuff, delete and review your old pins.

Tip#3: Repin from your group boards to your other boards

Just like that wee portion in the Venn diagram that overlaps, you will have pins that can be pinned to different boards. In this situation, pin strategically.

wine consumed venn diagram

First, pin the article to your relevant group board. (Yes, join group boards.) Next, repin that pin to your other boards.

By following this process, you are increasing the number of times that pin gets pinned again. It tells Pinterest that your pin has activity.  (Even though it was just you, heh.)

Tip#4: Follow the 80/20 Rule in Pinterest

Just like in a party, the best way to turn off Pinterest is to talk about yourself only. Do show that you are engaging with other brands and users by repinning and giving the love back.

For every 1 pin of yours, repin somebody else’s 5 times.

In fact, for those who are just beginning a Pinterest account, we recomment pinning 20-30 things from other users to your boards. Follow 10 people too. Now do this every day.

Tip#4: Spend money


We found this out the hard way with Facebook. You get more love when you shell out a bit of cash. Similar with Pinterest, you’ll have to pay to play. You don’t have to pay big. Just get it going and let Pinterst know, “Look! I shelled out cash! Now, give me more eyeballs!”

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Now, don’t just take our word for it. For every Pinterest strategy you employ, make sure to test if it is impacting your analytics. Keep employing what works and toss out what doesn’t.

But remember. The most basic principle is to use Pinterest as it is meant to be used. That means pinning awesome pins and engaging with others.

After all, if Pinterest rolls out a new Pinterest algorithm change, it’s always to get users doing what they’re supposed to be doing.


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