5 Types of People you should Target as Website Visitors

You should always use proactive targeting strategies to turn leads into sales on your website. Nonetheless, there is no one uniform strategy of targeting website visitors since they come from different demographics, sources, keywords, campaigns, and they have diverse needs and goals.

You will find a high-level prospect reviewing your domain, a middle-level prospect comparing pricing and package plans, or a decision maker coming for a demo call with you. For ultimate success from your campaigns, customize your messages to fit the needs of different types of visitors.

Here are the five types of people that you should engage proactively as website visitors:

  1. Individuals Comparing You with Your Competitors
    These visitors are majorly in the evaluation stage since they are also spending time on your competitors’ pages. To turn these prospects into customers, always book them for a demo to let them know what you offer that your competitors do not.

    Since these types of visitors show a great intent to buy but lack the certainty on where to spend their money, always engage them before they leave your website and convince them to buy from you.

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  2. Visitors Close to Making Purchases
    Use the hypothesis of targeting those who previously dropped off at the sign-up and pricing pages. Most of these individuals have a high intent to buy and you should strive to ensure that they sign up. Those who have made more than one attempt to sign up on your site need to be nurtured immediately.

    Help them select the right plan and if you offer free trials, encourage these users to sign up for it to familiarize with all the paid features and in turn, it will increase your conversion rates.

  3. Guests Who Need Nurturing or Are Likely to Drop Off
    It is proven that around 96% of your visitors are not ready to buy and thus you should target mainly those from low conversion channels like email. Also, target the top-of-the-funnel visitors who are undecided using the ‘marketing ‘rule of seven’ that states that you should use seven touches that guarantee the conversion of a visitor into a repeat customer.

    Increase the rate of engagements on your site and use various offers like webinar registrations and blog subscriptions to make visitors stay longer.

  4. Visitors Eligible for Offers or Custom Solutions
    These visitors originate from a startup and they qualify for early stage offers. Also, the individuals from an e-commerce company who can benefit from offers on your site. Ensure that you communicate with them about the offering and convince them how your products and services will solve all their challenges.
  5. Visitors Using Mobile Devices
    Since the attention on mobile users is fragmented, strive to increase the amount of time these visitors spend on your site. Engage these individuals concisely but consistently guiding them on set up, documentation, and a holistic overview of your site. Since they can access your site from anywhere at any time, you return on investments can increase significantly if you turn them into customers.

    Follow this guide and you will be assured of turning leads to huge sales on your website.

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