Top 5 New SEO Tools 2018

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SEO tools aid in ensuring that a business or organization site is fully optimized for any search engine. Below are some of the new SEO tools for use in 2018.

  1. Moz Pro
    This is a comprehensive answer which offers tracking insights and keyword selection. It aids in optimizing pages through use of intelligent crawls of sites, making custom reports and searching for link opportunities. Since it provides reliable and unique data sets, it eliminates any guesswork and instead offers required information for the given job.

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    * Rank Tracking
    It accurately tracks the ranking of your keyword as compared to faced competition. You are always in a position to know what various searchers see through monitoring national and local searches. Such aspects gives clear picture of performance in the searches made and also offers unique score of Search Visibility.

    * Keyword predictor
    For your site to attract much traffic, right keywords use is the way. Moz Pro provides suggestions on targeting keywords that highlight market areas with most results opportunity. You can also make use of the feature for prediction of keyword usage results and from there make accurate estimates.

  2. Google Analytics
    This tracks then reports on traffic to the website. Commonly used hence it provides user behavior and website traffic view. This tool enables reviewing of online campaigns through tracking of conversions. Using the tool you are able to set goals for specific file downloads or page views and also lead generation. Google Analytics shows both detailed and high-level data for users interesting in farther drilling down.
    It features techniques such as funnel visualization which can be used for identification of pages poorly performing through identification of most needed information for access easily.
  3. Ahrefs
    Ahrefs promotes SEO and marketing strategies through content and keyword research, niche monitoring and link building. This tool provides the biggest amount of comprehensive date. It cannot be compared with other tools when it comes to tracking competitors.

    * Competitive analysis
    Features of Ahrefs are full dedicated in aiding your organization or business outstand your competitors in ranking. Each provided resource has this goal as its part. Through use of the tool’s search report, easily you can spot keywords making your competitors rank higher than you and also show the much traffic such keywords bring.

  4. SEOjet
    This is a backlink software of its own. It works by taking you through process of coming up with backlink profile for ranking. It ten analyzes all your backlinks then factors from the profiles of the backlinks the top ranked websites in all categories then using that data provides guide for each link on the various anchor text that should be in use for every link.
  5. SEMrush
    This is a tool which helps in performance of daily tasks also providing deep performance analysis which can be easily and clearly incorporated into any modern marketing strategy.

    * SEO Management
    SEMrush enables management of SEO through use of semantic and auditing resources for generation of ideas hence much organic traffic. Through such, you can easily increase traffic of site and also keep an eye on analytics and backlink usage.

    * Insights on Social Media
    The tool features a dashboard which visualizes engagement and audience changes as time goes by on social media hence helping in discovery of the posts performing best. Comparisons can easily be made with such results hence instant insights to the social strategy.

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    Thanks for sharing such information with us and i will use and share with others this information. such a nice article

  2. Frank Reply

    Thanks for this great list of link building tools. I already use Google Analytics, Ahrefs and SEOJet. Keep up the great posts.

  3. Tito Windler Reply

    Those top 3 tools that you included in your article. these are the tools that I’d mostly use and I highly recommend those tools because it is much more effective in giving the best output when it comes to working with SEO. Thank you for this wonderful blog.

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