How Google Uses Social Media to Rank a Website


Google ranks websites based on their SEO and keyword density. It uses an algorithm known as PageRank to do this. This system was created by one of the founders of Google, Larry Page. It is important to know how Google ranks websites because then you can tailor content, keywords and keyword density, and Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) based on this and rank higher up. The content has to be relevant in the specific field, and the keywords and their density should also be at optimum. Sometimes when keyword density is high Google will penalize websites for it.


How Does Google Rank Websites?

When websites appear on your Google search results, they have gone through a complex algorithm called PageRanks created by Google to do exactly that. The page with the higher ranking appears at the top of your search results. Websites are ranked based on their importance and a lot of (200 plus) factors go into this. The basic foundation of PageRank is to count the number of links to a website. Quality is also an important factor when looking at the links to a website. Google does not give information on any of the factors which go into its algorithm. However, seasoned SEOs have come to know some of the most important ones. These include site structure, keyword usage, the speed of the website and the total time spent on it and the number and quality of inbound links which has already been discussed above.



How Google Uses Social Media in its Rankings

This is a long debated topic among SEO specialists. According to LinkCollider, Google along with many other search engines does factor in social media stats into its page rankings. Google does use rankings from Facebook, but most of them are limited because Facebook and other social media sites are private and password protected and Google cannot access specifics such as likes and tweets. However there are certain social media metrics that go into ranking social media and one of them is to use the links from the social media sites that connect back to specific websites. This is why social media should not be ignored when it comes to Google SEO. Although Google is notorious for not disclosing the metrics they factor into their algorithm, they now look at the number of visits to your website via social media networks.

Social media contributes directly to the number of visits to your website and this is one of the factors that go into its RankPage algorithm. Thus the more active you are on social media, the more traffic to your website will increase and these increased links will definitely make your website rank higher if it also performs well on the other factors listed. Working with an SEO specialist will increase your SEO visibility overall and is your safest best to go up the rankings.

Although the effect of your social media sites on your rankings may not be as big as we would hope, it plays a role however small. Furthermore, it is important to focus on your social media because in the future this could be one of the top factors affecting Google website rankings considering how important social media is becoming.

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    I am just learning about SEO. However, It’s easy to get so excited over the technology and the internet that sometimes we fail to plan or create the necessary roadmap for our online business to be successful. Social media is a powerful tool that can aid our business in reaching their highest goals. We just need to lay the roadmap down.

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