Fuel Car VS Electric Car

With time as technology takes us into the future, we get more and more alternatives to the things that were done conventionally. Technology not just saves human effort and time but also considers the negative impacts that it can have on the surroundings and tries eliminating them. 

One of the best that technology has offered to us is electric vehicles, the present, and the future of automobiles. However, the normal tendency of humans to resist any change is still in the way of electric vehicles but with time things are changing slowly. 

But as said everything has its good and bad aspects, the same goes for electric vehicles. And now the question arises is it worth switching from fuel cars to electric cars? So, if you are someone who is looking forward to buying a new car but having a dilemma between a fuel car or an electric car then this article is just for you. 

Fuel Car VS Electric Car

To get your head over the choice of whether to buy a fuel car or electric, we have done the comparison between the two and listed their pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

Electric Car

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  1. Eco-Friendly

One of the sole purposes is because technologists thought about electric cars. They are eco-friendly and produce no pollution. As electric cars run on electricity no smoke is produced by the fuels cars as the result of combustion. 

       2. Cost-Efficient

Electric cars are pocket-friendly. The cost of electricity is way cheaper as compared to fuels like petrol or diesel and that makes electric cars a good opponent to fuel cars.

In fact, you can just charge your electric car by installing Beny EV charging stations at home. No running off to a gas station and getting your car filled, saving your time and resources. 

       3. Low-Maintenance 

When it comes to the maintenance part then electric cars go easy on your pocket. The electric car contains fewer mechanical parts that decrease the maintenance of the car unlike the fuel cars that contain pricey parts and need timely maintenance and if any part gets damaged then it can cost you a lot. 

Only the battery replacement is the costly repair in the electric cars but there too you have a benefit as batteries of the car can work up to 4 years without causing many problems. 

       4. Conserves Resources

Electric cars not only keep a check on the pollution but also conserves the essential resources for present and future generation use making them one of the best alternatives that are invented with the help of technology. 

Fossil fuels are the crucial resources that are offered by nature but with time and civilization they are depleting and as we all know it takes a huge amount of time to form fossil fuels so conserving them is the top priority. 

        5. Smooth Ride

With electric cars, you can have the leisure of having smooth and noiseless rides. As it has a battery and few other parts when it comes to the mechanical section, the parts don’t get easily worn out and give you a calming ride for a longer time than expected from a fuel car. 

Electricity reduces noise pollution to a large extent when it comes to automobiles. 


  1. Costly

You will find that electric cars are comparatively costly to fuel cars making them out of reach to the ones having low income or if you are tight on budget for now. 

       2. Less Distance

Electric cars are not compatible when it comes to covering large distances and hence, making them behind in the race when compared to fuel cars.

        3. Few Charging Stations

As electric cars are still new in the market, electric vehicle charging stations are not available to everyone in any location. So, it might be a problem if you are stuck in an area with no electric charging stations. Even installing an EV charging station at home is costly, the installation charges, EV charger, and other wire harness assemblies

        4. Servicing

Electric cars are comparatively new when compared to fuel cars and this gives them the disadvantage of not receiving the service. There is a lesser number of service stations for electric cars. You can’t just get it checked or repaired by your local mechanic. 

        5. Battery Replacement

The important part of any electric car is its battery and by any chance, if it gets damaged then the replacement cost can cause a hole in your pocket. So, if you are buying an electric car, be ready to face it. 

Fuel Cars 

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  1. Variety

Fuel cars are the traditional ones and have been in the market for many years so it is easy for you to find a plethora of choices depending upon mileage, company, diesel/petrol/gas, interior, etc. 

      2. Cost

Fuel cars are cheaper than electric cars. 

       3. Better Performance

Fuel cars have specified engines that work amazingly and give you a good performance whether it is about race or covering a large distance or driving over undefined roads. 


  1. High Maintenance 

Fuel cars have motors and heavy engines that require a timely check-up and their repair can be heavy on your pocket. 

      2. Pollution 

Due to the combustion of fuels, these cars produce a large amount of smoke and increase the emission of carbon dioxide. Fuel cars also increase noise pollution as their engine and motor make noise. 

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Final Verdict

Now that we have laid out the pros and cons of both fuel and electric cars, it is up to you which best suits your requirements and budget. Although, there is a middle path to that is to buy Hybrid cars, these cars offer you both the fuelling option and charging option. 

It is wise to go for hybrid cars if you are still new to the electric car concept, as you can learn how an electric car works but not leave the benefits of a fuel car.

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