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Hey, Link Collider, thanks for helping me master SEO! So far, I’ve seen increased PageRank and Alexa Ranking, and you’ve really helped me improve Backlinks, and SEO Keyword Rankings. I am recommending Link Collider as the most accessible SEO booster. I’m using LC to harnesses the power of social media to increase page traffic, generate Likes, Tweets, Pins and feedback, gain subscribers, and readers. This is important at this point in my blog, because I am beginning to commercialize my content, and I can see from the results I’ve already acheived that my sales potential is going to be greatly expanded!

One of the greatest features of Link Collider is your extensive suite of SEO tools. These tools make it simple to benefit from the full range of SEO activities. The backlinks tools include a Backlinks Generator, and a neat “Drop My Link” tool. They also feature a link Shortening tool, and the all-important Keyword Tools for both Google and Wordstream. Other powerful aids include Bookmark submission, Search Engine Submission, and Directory Submission. Additionally, there is a XML Sitemap Tool that can be used for your own site, and within Google Webmasters tools. Link Collider even helps with HTML for greater web visibility.

Link Collider’s content-related tools really set it apart. Along with basics, such as a Character Counter and a Plagiarism Checker, there are also a Unique Article Generator, an Article Spinner, and a Spintax Tester / Compiler. There are also handy Checkers for both PageRank and Alexa Ranking. I haven’t found any other site that offers all these powerful tools in one place, for free.

I am currently learning more about your affiliate program–it would be great to earn money while enjoying all of the benefits LC membership brings.

I also want to say thanks to your staff for being so quick to respond to my questions, and so knowledgeable about SEO.
So, I just wanted to take the time to let you know that my blog and site have totally benefitted across all social media. I’ve gotten likes, Tweets, Shares, Pins, Subscribers, new members, more readers, more visits, more views and am all set with a great potential customer base.

I recommend you guys to everyone who wants to expand their web presence. Thank you for coming through, and being my best SEO resource!

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