How to Write Engaging Social Media Posts That Attract Customers


Social media advertising has grown year in year out, with ad spending set to reach $173 million in 2022

From social media posts, adverts, and story-formatted ads to embedded videos, these channels are multiplying the options to advertise and attract customers.

Now, when it comes to composing social media posts, it might not appear to be difficult. Shouldn’t it be fairly easy and straightforward?

Actually, there are several things at stake for your company, such as a great influence on the label’s perceived authority, reach to possible new customers, engagements, and other factors.

When implemented correctly, a social media marketing strategy can connect a large group of people in order to generate leads, build brand awareness, as well as generate conversion opportunities.

The tricky part here is that every social networking site will have its own set of pointers, techniques, methodologies, and best practices. A post which performs really well on Facebook and Instagram is unlikely to give the same response on LinkedIn.

Not to fear! We are here to discuss expert tips for each platform so that your content accomplishes its intended goals.

8 Expert Tips on composing enticing social media posts to attract consumers

A one-size-fits-all social media post does not work anymore. 

Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of tried-and-true best practices to enable you to achieve your objectives — while  growing and engaging your audience.

  1. Conduct your research


If you would like your intended audience to acknowledge and interact with your social media posts, start making them absolutely relevant to people.

The more meaningful your messages are, the more successful you will be – but relevance alone is not sufficient in general. 

You must spend time getting to know your viewing public. Begin with broad demographic data and work your way in.

What are their requirements, barriers, or difficulties? Choose a want challenge that is a top concern for them now, and then create materials and online posts that address it.

You can share stories of success from preceding happy customers to reach out to customers on an intimate level. It will assist them to envision their own benefits as a consequence of purchasing your product or service and will coerce them to feel good about you.

  1. Use the language of your audience


Expand your research and discover what dialect your prospective customers use to express their requirements or difficulties. 

Use this vocabulary when composing your messages to make sure that your content is understood by your target audience.

This will demonstrate to viewers that you actually understand humans and their problems.

A post on LinkedIn for senior managers, for instance, will read very differently than a Facebook post for new mothers. 

These two categories of people not only have unique problems and viewpoints, but their own language – the exact wording they use to discuss their problems and requirements – also varies markedly.

Again, let’s take the example of Instagram. One of the tips on how to build an Instagram following is to speak to your followers in their language.

When people think that they are seen and recognized by your brand through tags or mentions, which address their specific needs, they become more inclined to recommend your firm to their peers. Again, when you tag them in your posts, those will be viewed by their followers as well.  

  1. Use rich media


When feasible, use pictures, graphic elements, and clips to narrate a tale. Multimedia is more captivating and often narrates the story more quickly and eloquently than statements alone. 

Indeed, a picture can frequently stand by itself in a social media post while still communicating the entire messaging. Do note that while using media, you do not need to create new posts every time.

You can use audio to text transcription to convert your video or audio to text instantly in minutes. Repurpose posts on social media platforms, and include excerpts along with your visual media to boost SEO.

Remember that videos, in particular, can help you reach customers on a profound level. Individuals like video because it personalizes your brand and allows them to understand you better. If you use Instagram, you can create Reels to reach a wider audience, but make sure to edit Reels for the best quality.

Most portals have live-stream features which can be very useful to you. An improvisational live video could mean you sound susceptible, but that frailty will add authenticity to your clip, which is mostly missing in heavy promotional videos. 

Clever advertising clips are more prone to be neglected as compared to a live video depicting you in your true self.

Optimize each part of video elements for the forum you’re publishing it on so as to guarantee that your messaging is communicated and you appear competent.

  1. Improve your voice

Even though social media postings ought to be communicated in the dialect of your intended audience, the overarching message must be authored in your brand’s voice.

Your brand’s voice is the character and sentiment that pervades all of your promotional activities plus online social interactions. 

You generate that voice through the tone and language you use while creating content or communicating with your viewing public.

This tone is significantly determined by the public persona of you or your corporation – your ‘why’ narrative and the vocabulary used mostly by your target customers.

This voice should be coherent all through the content you post, the messages you share online, and any interaction you get from those platforms.

This uniformity will allow your customers to emotionally connect with you, develop credibility, and recognise your brand’s posts on social media as yours.

  1. Maintain a positive attitude

This isn’t to say that every post has to be happy; there’s a big difference between optimistic and pleased. You would like your viewing public to be enthusiastic and motivated by your messages, which don’t always have to be joyful.

You may also choose to express your thoughts or stand firm about something significant to your brand in several of your posts. 

However, there is a distinction between taking a strong stance and attempting to attack or criticizing others. On social networks, there is a lot of online bullying. Don’t get involved.

As much as you can, avoid publicly criticizing anyone (or any industry). Critiquing someone else is not only amateurish, but also risky because it can attract more negativity to your website and undermine any faith or credence you’ve developed with your current followers.

  1. Include motivational phrases and numbers

Take advantage of numerous inspirational hashtags available or generate your own. Individuals appreciate hearing great advice in the morning, especially when they arrive from your firm’s leaders with extensive experience. 

Incorporating motivational quotes and sayings into your newsfeeds will increase your viewer’s motivation and encourage people to take initiative.

For instance, you can share a new uplifting post with the following hashtags: #Fearless40, #MondayInspiration, or #FearlessEmployee. 

Take note of the usage of powerful words to elicit thoughts and feelings – it’s simple and effective.

  1. Keep it brief and include numbers

People cherish their time. If you do want your viewers to pay attention to you, you must demonstrate that you care about their time as well.

Excellent examples include:

  • Composing at an 8th-grade level of reading will make your posts and content easier to read.
  • Whenever possible, use headers, bullets, and checklists to make your posts easier to scan.
  • Limit paragraphs to 2 or 3 sentences.
  • When drafting your topic, try to be as concise as possible.

Again, numbers are considered as the mind’s candy, especially for corporate heads’ brains. Using statistics in your postings not only strengthens your worth to consumers, but it also ensures that they pay attention.

Consider this article’s title: ’10 Tips to Recruit the Right Employees.’ However, it was captioned ‘How to Recruit the Right Employees.’ 

The post appears less influential, less reliable, and less organized right away. People are genetically conditioned to expect an absorbable piece of information if they see a quantity, not an unorganized thread of text.

  1. Include a Call to Action (CTA)


Consider including a CTA at the bottom of your social posts to prompt your viewers with what steps you would like them to start taking next. 

Without a CTA, most people will not take an initiative after having read your message, even when they liked it and found it useful.

CTAs take various forms and serve various purposes. You could, for instance, use the following CTAs to encourage your intended audience to take action:

  • Request that they like as well as share your posts on social media.
  • Guide them to some other type of content such as a well-researched article or a landing page by asking a question that they can reply to in the comment threads.
  • Send them to your website.
  • Encourage them to sign up for your newsletter and communicate with your brand on another social media platform.


The battle for your audience’s focus and effort can be intense. The secret to winning is not to keep competing, but to grab attention by posting social posts that your viewers would want to read.

You can connect with your audience through your content by making sure that all you write is tailored to their requirements and desires. 

Do your homework and learn about who they are and what they most need and/or want. Talk to them in their vocabulary, using your brand’s voice constantly.

Keep your social posts optimistic and make them easy to consume for your audience. Also, consider including pictures, video files, and CTAs to boost the effectiveness of your content and drive tangible results.

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