5 Most Common SEO Mistakes


You can come across plenty of advice online, but making number of search Engine Optimization Mistakes is a very common thing. However, below are some of the five most common seo mistakes, which keep on cropping up. Try as much as you can to avoid them.

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  1. Forgetting Analytic
    The only ideal way to know when your content and SEO optimization effort works, is by tracking progress. Many marketers do not consider the numbers, but this a very serious mistake. For you to have the best optimization results, you need to set up and constantly review your analytics.

    Google Webmaster and Google Analytics Tools are among the best tools, which can help you get overview of your website performance. Search engine optimization is part of content marketing strategy today. It is very wise to be acquainted with many challenges others experience, and try avoid them at your marketing effort.

  2. Missing Quality Link
    To obtain the best out of SEO, the marketers should understand that quality of the external links in the content, is quite important compared to their quantity. That is why it is better you make sure to link only relevant, to best ranking website with good reputation. It is very useful to link back sites that linked you. This eventually brings traffic back in future.

    Another counter-productive practice as far as links are concerned, is by using the irrelevant anchor text. This only turns out to waste precious Search Engine Optimization opportunities. Anchor text signifies the reader and search bots about the link and it’s beneficial to users.

  3. Choosing Wrong Keywords
    Generally, optimizing is about keywords you want the website to rank. The question is if you getting to choose the right one. The common mistake in selecting a keyword is neglecting preferences of search engine and users of long-tailed keywords. Regardless of how you can define your services and products, it is quite important to know words that your potential customer would us referring to them.

    Sometimes the words you believe to be correct might mean completely different to another person. In that case, you will end up optimizing all wrong keywords. Nevertheless, it is good to have background research just before starting optimization. The use of tools such as Google Trends, Google AdWords KeywordPlanner, and SEMrush can be of great help putting your fingers on pulse of trending adequate keywords.

  4. Use of Keyword Stuffing
    You might be thinking that use of target keywords at every sentence in your content can boost immensely your ratings. The strategy could not be wrong. Actually, going overboard using the keyword is registered as spammy by search engines, this means it is hurting your search engine optimization performance.

    That is why the keywords ‘stuffing,’ or overusing the intended keyword is not vital to SEO success. Such approach will make all your content useless and unnatural for the intended audience. Google is coming up with a special sematic way of search. This search is called Latent Sematic Indexing. The program is designed to recognize your topic without stuffing keyword.

  5. Creating a content that is not about keyword
    Another major problem in SEO optimization is coming up with content which not in relation to your keyword. The problem is you are looking towards ranking a keyword, but not focus about text in your topic of target.

    A search engine like Google, always serve users with correct and relevant search terms. Therefore, if your content doesn’t answer the user need, it will not rank well. Your goal is to produce the contents that correspond to question and need of target audience. This should also include the use of proper search terms. The search engine will trace all your content, matching the keywords you are optimizing.

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  1. Shivam Sahu Reply

    Thanks for the great tips! I’m new to online marketing, and this is really helpful! Since getting started, I’ve been bombarded by “spin writers” and such to create a TON of content quickly, but you seem to say that these search engines have become sophisticated enough to determine when your content is crap. Am I understanding that right?

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