Startup Websites: How to Improve SEO


Startups are naturally volatile businesses regardless of the industry which they fall under. Despite the fact that entrepreneurs are more experienced in their specific fields or well conversant about how to conduct online businesses, it is most unlikely that they are not happy about SEO considerations. However, there is no need for you to get dedicated SEO resources or a marketing team in order for you to optimize your startup website. What you need to do is to put best SEO practices in place in advance so that you may be able to get good returns when the business grows.


An appropriate SEO for new websites or businesses ensures that the people in need of your business’s name can easily reach into your website. However, it is recommended that beginners should implement SEO as soon as possible rather than later because SEO outcome takes time to achieve optimization.


SEO tips for startup website

The following are SEO tips and tasks or startup websites out of which some of them take a short time while others require development assistance. Each of them have distinct paybacks on your website.


General setup

Installation of Google analytics, setting up a destination goal, setting up google webmaster tools for more information on how your customers find the site, creating a robots.txt file then upload it to the site, and creating a sitemap.xml file then submitting it to Google Webmaster Tools to be indexed.


Keywords search

Make a list of all the products and services offered by your business, how you refer to them, and how customers denote them. Key in the key words to the Keyword planner and check their performance. Classify the target keywords and assign a page to each group. Other tips include onsite optimization, unique content and linking your site to competitors’ sites.


How to improve SEO

There are so many ways of increasing sales and traffic in your startup business website.
First and foremost, you need to publish relevant content which is the principle driver in increasing traffic and improving site’s relevance. This may be reinforced by the use heading tags, italics, bold and other tags denoting emphasis to highlight keyword phrases without overdoing it.


Secondly, regularly update your website content as this is perceived to be an indicator of relevance. Another way of increasing website traffic and sales is to have a fantastic title metadata in each webpage. The description metadata is also essential as it describes what is there to be offered by your business thus encouraging people to visit your website.


On the other hand, keyword metadata are used by people to find your site’s page. The keyword phrase should not consist of more than eight words. Having clear metadata will give people an easy time navigating in your startup website thus increasing sales and traffic.


Finally, you should pay attention on creating relevant links in the text. When creating or updating your website, avoid ‘click here’ links but instead use keywords like ‘Medlab Tech Enterprise’ as this will boost your search engine ranking and that of the page linked.

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