3 Little-Known Ways Video Can Help with SEO Ranking

The goal of SEO is to align with your internal content strategy and satisfy the algorithm of search engines. Although the ranking factors of Google are not always transparent, it is a known fact among SEO experts that video is a powerful tool for SEO.

You might be wondering how video advertising helps with SEO rankings. In some cases, Google will show a video thumbnail next to search results. According to data from BrightEdge, Google does this for 26% of search results. A thumbnail makes the results a rich snippet. These snippets tend to have higher CTR than regular snippets.

Some also believe that Google prioritises search results with video content. As videos are a quick and easy mode of relaying information and creating an impression of products and services,  SEO experts like SEO Company Dallas agree that SEO significantly improved after adding a video.

What is your Dallas audience doing online?

Dallas is said to have over 10,056 companies engaging in e-commerce as of data in 2016. It is, therefore, natural to believe that a large number of people in Dallas are using online platforms for shopping. Therefore, you must optimise your SEO strategy by hiring a good digital marketing agency like  SEO company Dallas for this demographic with tremendous spending power. Dallas customers shop a wide range of products online that can be bought at affordable prices. Also, there are options to compare prices from different stores to get the best deals.

1. Post videos on your website

You need to publish videos on your site. But make sure that the placement is sound. A brand video can fit nicely on your about us page or your homepage. A product video is an excellent addition to your e-commerce platform as well as your website’s product descriptions. Testimonial videos have a massive draw and can be effective anywhere on your site. But as a pro-tip, when creating video content for SEO purposes, it is possible to repurpose the same content elsewhere to boost your marketing strategy.

Optimise your site for Dallas audiences.

Dallas residents under 50, like other Americans, use their cell phones to make purchases online. Seventy percent of the time, they use their phones to make in-store purchasing decisions. Even if they are already in a physical store, your Dallas user will be checking online to get further recommendations and read reviews.

2. Provide context to your video

Publishing a video on an otherwise empty page will only have negligible results. It is crucial to embed your video in the best areas and surround it with relevant text and images. It is possible even to include a transcript of your video so you can target more keywords. You may also want to switch any visual graphics used into a downloadable JPEG. The better Google can understand how your video relates to your content; your rankings will be higher.

3. Your video must be informative

If your prospects have questions about your services and products, answering these queries will educate and empower them when they finally buy from your brand. If you answer their questions, you become an authority. Audiences will see you as credible because of the value you provide. Search engines will know this and will boost your page even more. Consider posting a Q&A video or a demo of your products in action on your product pages. You can also utilize video on educational pages such as your blog to provide audiences with an alternative to reading long text. Technology has made everything fast paced. The market is growingly becoming competitive. In order to ensure your business is not only surviving in this competitive environment, but also thriving you must ensure your business strategy and delivery meets the changing market trends. Invest in good SEO strategies to benefit from digital marketing that expands your reach beyond physical limitations.

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