The Importance of Facebook Likes on SEO and How to Get One


You’ve probably heard that it doesn’t matter how many likes you have on Facebook right? You’re not alone. Most of the advice says is that it’s not how many likes and followers, it’s what you do with them.
However, Facebook likes are a big deal for business owners looking to increase their brand exposure as well as acquire more customers.

Here are some important reasons why Facebook likes are important.


Positive Indication for the Customer

Getting likes shows the client that things are working. Facebook likes may not be the best indicator for social media consultants, but to the outside world, this is what the customers need to see. When customers view you on Facebook, they are likely to also visit your website which increases traffic and exposure. If you post quality content, search engines will take note of this and this will lead to increased ranking.


Social Proof

A lot of Facebook likes show others the popularity of a page. When advertising your products, you’re more confident as you have the likes to show for it. Moreover, you can tell a lot about a company just by the number of likes, When you see a brand that has been online for years and have a hundred likes, you know there’ s a problem. Conversely, if you see a small brand with over 1,000 likes in a week, you’ll assume they bought them.

Google search engines love social proof. The more people share your posts, the more popular you become and the higher you get ranked on search engine results pages.


Increased Exposure

On Facebook, new likes show to others, they come up as recommendations in the sidebar. This increases exposure for the fan page. While this may not necessarily mean more likes, new likes can lead to more business and traffic to your website.


Indexing of Facebook Posts and Links

As a business, you’re likely to share posts and links to your content and to other people’s content. These posts and links can be indexed by the search engines. The more links your fans view, the greater your chances of getting onto the first page of Google search results.


How you Get Facebook do likes

Now that you know the importance of Facebook likes, and why they are critical to your SEO success-you now need to pay attention to how you can get them. Without the likes, your business won’t be going anywhere.

You can get Facebook likes either organically or artificially

Organic is the traditional way of acquiring organic likes. You can ask people to like your page or put it on your website and business cards. The next process to create and share interesting content on your page. Sharing some funny with your followers is the fastest way to get likes. The organic method takes longer, but results in real sharing and customers for your business.

However, getting organic likes is not always easy. Fortunately, you can get Facebook likes using LinkCollider.

Facebook likes are essential to the success of your SEO efforts as well as your business. Nonetheless, even with the likes, you need to create quality content to be able to turn those likes into business.


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