Get Pinterest Followers For Free – 4 Surefire Ways That REALLY Work

Do you need sure-fire techniques on how to get Pinterest followers for free? Have you been on Pinterest now for quite a while but your Follower count isn’t moving up?

We’ve been doing social media on Pinterest for a long time now and we’re going to share with you some simple tricks that REALLY work.

1. Choose an awesome profile picture on Pinterest

Pinners are very visual people. If anybody is on the fence whether to follow you, a really great profile photo will usually nudge them in the right direction.

pinterest profile

2. Name your Pinterest albums using the names of Related Topics in Pinterest

Naming your Pinterest albums after popular categories and related topics in Pinterest will help make YOUR albums more searchable and easily found by Pinterest users who are looking for this type of content. See below on how to find the best name for your album.

a. Go to Search in your Pinterest account. Beside the search field, you will see the icon for categories. Click on it to see the different categories that Pinterest has set.

Pinterest search field

b. Choose the category that fits your album and scan Related Topics.

Pinterest topics

c. Before choosing a topic, click on the photo. Check out the Followers and Activity. There should be several million followers and the Activity should not be longer than an hour ago. What we’re doing is choosing a category that is popular and active.

Pinterest activity

d. Once you’ve found a topic that meets our criteria, use that to name your Pinterest album. This is good practice when you’re starting out. Once you have Followers coming in, you can rename your albums to whatever crazy names you want.

3. Follow relevant and related Pinterest topics

While exploring Pinterest topics, follow the ones that are relevant and related to your niche. This action will help you become more visible to these streams and show you relevant content on your feed too.

Posts made by people under these topics can later be useful to you when you start repinning content.

4. Find influencers and follow them

If you’re new to Pinterest, this is a bit tricky. Influencers are “influential” people in social media. They have a lot of followers and set trends. When they like or share something, it usually becomes viral because they have so many followers who take action based on whatever they post.

To find influencers, search for a keyword related to your topic and area of interest. When the search results show, click on “Pinners”. The Pinners with the most number of followers will show up.

pinterest influencers

Follow top pinners but follow those with medium to small followings too. Usually, the latter are very happy to get followers that they’ll return the favor and follow you too.

Items 1, 2, and 3 are quick and easy to execute especially if you’re just setting up your Pinterest profile. The last technique though needs some experience with Pinterest and keen powers of observation. It’s easier said than done but if you get the hang of sniffing out influencers and getting them to endorse you, you’re guaranteed to get Pinterest followers for free and see a spike in your traffic!

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