Why is video marketing important in the e-commerce business?

One of the most practical applications of video marketing could be easily seen in any e-commerce business. This decade is about engagement, and if you want your visitors to buy your product, you must keep them engaged. Video marketing helps you get better conversion rates and increase your sales significantly.

Product description videos are the perfect example of video marketing in e-commerce. Another fantastic example is product explanatory videos, which are regularly used by businesses to increase awareness about products. 

Similarly, e-commerce businesses use testimonial videos to convert prospective customers. After all, how many times have you watched a feedback video and got influenced by it? Many times, right?

Still, many e-commerce businesses do not utilize videos. So, if you are also among the businesses that still do not believe in the importance of video marketing, then this blog is perfect for changing your mind. 

This blog will brief you about the importance of video marketing in any e-commerce business. It also contains some important and most widely seen applications of video marketing in any e-commerce business.

Some Statistical Insights about video marketing-

Did you know that adding videos on your landing pages can boost your conversion rate up to 80%? Yup, you read that right!

Also, adding videos on the internet increases your chances of ranking on the first page on a google search by 5300%. Branded content gets over 2.4 billion views per month. Social media videos have 48% more views than normal posts.

And some people still doubt the lead generation secret – video marketing strategy for their e-commerce businesses. So act smart and check out why you may need video marketing for your business in this blog. 

Why Video marketing is important in the E-commere business-

  1.  Better product description. 

Video marketing in any e-commerce business starts with product descriptions. Then, you can create a detailed video describing your product and telling about its applications. It’s easier to explain through videos than long-form texts. 

You can explain its various uses, and if it’s a complex product, then the video may include content revolving around how to use that product. 

Every time you plan to launch a new product, you must create an explanatory video about your product. 98% of customers say they watch an explanatory video before buying any product.  

  1. Engage even the laziest audience and make them try your product. 

Sometimes words fail to explain what visuals can do better. The better you can be with your creativity, the higher the engagement rate would be. Engaging your audience with your videos gives the best ROI and better conversion rates. 

Let’s say you launched a product for your female viewers, but you showed it in such a way that your male audience loved it a lot. So, they might gift it to their female friends. It’s only possible due to the excellent creativity used in the video to make people purchase it. 

Also, being updated with the latest trends and technologies attracts a long list of your potential customers and leaves a strong impression on them. Features like live video streams and filters end the need to create simple videos for your product.

Do you know that videos engage wider audiences than long-form blogs focussing on a product? 

Try creating virtual reality videos with the impeccable use of technology, and provide an immersive experience to your customers. Marketers accept the fact that it is a successful strategy for them.

  1. Videos can bring your brand into the limelight.

Creating a crazy out-of-box thinking video and excellent creativity can get you millions of views and engagement, making your video popular overnight. Your brand will be a mouth of the word for the next few days.

Getting popular overnight with creativity requires planning and well-researched content to make it possible. Every e-commerce business wishes to be a brand, but few make it to the top because of their creativity and correct use of video marketing. 

But creating such videos can be extremely hard. That is why businesses should take help from the best video production companies for e-commerce

  1. Even Google loves videos.

Google loves recommending a video for your search query that may be beneficial for you. Can you imagine your video’s reach if your keyword has high competition? 

Whenever you upload a video on youtube, optimize them for SEO by giving them SEO-friendly relevant titles and descriptions and then embed them with your website. This can help you in getting your video ranked by Search Engines.

Google owns youtube, and if your video gets shown up on the front page of Google, you will see an exponential increase in likes and engagement, which may eventually increase your sales and get you better conversion. In addition, it would increase your website analytics, and growth could be seen easily once your strategy works.

  1. Video builds brand awareness. 

Video marketing helps to create awareness about your brand. You can educate your customers about your brand through videos. Furthermore, it can inform customers about your products, special offers, and talk about everything you can make people aware of your brand. 

Are you aware that billions of videos are watched on youtube every day, and there is a reason for it? People love to know about their brand and be updated with the offers from their favorite brands. 

Creating video for any information passed on related to your business makes your customers believe that you care for them. Customers love to keep connected with their brand, and your brand video helps you to keep them influenced and engaged with your business.

  1. Testimonials bring you customers. 

Testimonial videos are among the most important video types while doing video marketing for e-commerce businesses. Testimonial videos help build brand credibility and create a wider and loyal audience with the help of genuine feedback from customers. 

Influencers with millions of followers could be the best fit to help you in your video marketing. They can bring you the required result with many attractions and engagement on your website from their followers. This is because feedback from influencers over social media in the form of videos is the cause of the popularity of multiple brands. 

Though, they charge money in return for required targets and create a testimonial video after using your product and market it to their audience. 

But, if you are a small E-commerce business and cannot afford to hire influencers, user-generated videos can be your best option.

You can ask your customers to share their videos while using your products. Then, you add these videos to your e-commerce website. Doing this will help you build trust with your visitors.


The importance of video marketing does not end here, but you must have understood the advantages of using video marketing for your e-commerce business. 

Creating video for any brand requires a lot of research, and creating quality content requires effort and time. As a result, it is important to have professional help during the production process. 

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