Top 7 Facebook Ad Mistakes to Avoid

Digital advertising has become a significant part of promoting any business that’s online nowadays but it can easily be done wrong.

Facebook Ads are one of the original when it comes to social media marketing and have provided many businesses with successful marketing campaigns. However, if you don’t take the right approach, whether that’s a lack of knowledge on how to create ads or little research is done on your audience, it can fall flat on its face.

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Digital advertising might not be as expensive as traditional marketing but it can still be a waste of money if the campaign hasn’t been done properly.

In this guide, you’ll understand how Facebook Ads are beneficial for a business and the top seven Facebook Ad mistakes to avoid when using this channel to advertise your brand. Every dollar invested into your marketing and advertising budget should be utilized in the best way, so don’t skip when it comes to learning about advertising on different platforms.

How are Facebook Ads beneficial to businesses?

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms and one of the longest-running. As one of the OG’s, it’s been able to stand the test of time, whereas some platforms have failed to continue going. Facebook has a mammoth 2.91 billion monthly active users. It’s a 6.2% jump from its 2021 figure.

There are some great benefits to using Facebook Ads when it comes to your business. These include:

They’re affordable 

Facebook Ads are an affordable way to advertise the business and don’t price out any business, no matter what limited budget is available. 

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With many of the pay-per-click style advertising platforms, Facebook Ads are no different and give the customer the opportunity to make every dollar go further than more traditional media outlets like newspapers and radio which often cost a lot more.

With SMB advertisers, they can choose how little they want to spend on each campaign.

You can improve your reach beyond just using organic social media

Organic social media content is important because not all advertising should just be paid ads. Instead, it should be a mix of the two as they end up benefiting one another. 

Improving your company’s reach is key to helping find more success and with Facebook Ads, it can improve that reach beyond just using organic social media. There are also other ways to improve a company’s reach, such as collecting votes for Facebook polls. You can find more tips, reviews, and deals on reaching a larger audience for your company on IncrediTools.

Offers advertisements for your company’s specific needs

There are plenty of advertisement types that are offered through Facebook Ads. For your business, photos or videos may be more relevant to your marketing strategies, or it might be that you need messenger ads that allow for conversations via the app’s messaging service.

With a wide range of ad types, it provides variety and versatility for businesses of all kinds to advertise effectively on this platform.

Top 7 Facebook Ad mistakes to avoid

Now that you know the benefits of Facebook Ads, how do you use them successfully? With any advertising opportunity, there are mistakes that can be made. 

  1. A lack of training for those creating the ads.

When creating the ads, anyone can create them with a bit of basic knowledge. However, that’s not always enough when it comes to delivering a successful marketing campaign.

Facebook Ads can often fail because there’s a lack of training for those who are responsible for creating the ads. That’s why when it comes to hiring staff responsible, it’s hand to incorporate a Facebook ads skills test. This can help prove that the person in question is skilled to create high-performing ads.

Training is a problematic part of some organizations and having an unwillingness to spend money on their employees. Giving your employees the skills or experience that they might be missing, in order to do their job better, is priceless. It’s a worthwhile investment, especially in this case where a successful ad campaign could make the business a lot of money!

  1. Running too many ads on a tight budget.

A big benefit of Facebook Ads is that they’re super affordable for those on a tight budget. However, some run the risk of being too tight by trying to do as many ads with limited funds. Whilst it may be affordable to run multiple ads at once, you’re only going to get out what you put in.

Whilst these types of ads open up the opportunity for many businesses, particularly smaller ones, ad campaigns with too little budget could end up with less success as a result.

In order to make use of Facebook’s algorithm needs at least 50-100 conversions per ad set on a weekly basis. If you’re able to, it’s important to try and invest your budget into one ad that’s well funded, rather than multiple ones that only have a fraction of the funding provided.

  1. Creating content that lacks enticement.

The content and visuals you include within the ad itself are just as important, if not moreso than the algorithm you’re to cater to.

You could tailor the ad to all of the relevant criteria for your target audience but if the image or content it shows or leads to isn’t that interesting to look at, it’ll be ignored.

That’s why it’s important to utilize the best software and tools in order to create content that’s enticing and that your audience will want to engage with. Advertisements can often be ignored if there’s nothing eye-catching when it comes to visuals.

Use Piktochart for the best report templates

For content creation, some of the best report templates can be found via Piktochart. This can be great when you want to run Facebook Ads for educational and informative content such as reports and organizational studies.

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  1. Skipping A/B testing.

Even with the right amount of research done on your buyer persona and having the right employee in place to generate high-performing ads, there will always be a chance that the advertisement campaign on Facebook falls short.

This is why it’s important to never skip on A/B testing. It’s worthwhile testing ad alternatives to see if any of the other options you had considered, perform any better. From this information, you can then start to utilize the best types of ads for the audience in question, whether you’re targeting a small segment of it or a general one to all of them.

A/B testing is certainly a worthwhile practice to do, particularly when you’re new to creating ads for the business.

  1. Targeting the wrong individuals.

You could have the best ad campaign that your target audience would love but businesses can find themselves falling at the final hurdle when selecting their audience on the ad campaign page. If you end up picking the wrong individuals to target, it can be a waste of budget and you’ll find that there’s little engagement in the ad itself. 

  1. Using ads for sales purposes only.

Ads are great but they shouldn’t always be solely driven for sales only. This is likely going to put off some users when you are churning out one sales pitch after another with your Facebook Ads. 

It’s good to have a balance of organic content but it’s important to be careful when it comes to paid advertising and not overfacing your audience with sales content. Some paid ads can take a different approach to the content that’s being shown, perhaps a link to your website in general or to a blog post that is relevant to what you’re trying to promote.

  1. Limiting your audience targets.

When it comes to your audience targets, it’s good to make sure you’re getting the maximum reach. For some businesses, they can sometimes limit their audience targeting and miss out on some of the leads they’ll likely convert into customers. It’s a reminder that consumer research is essential to know who the ad is for and who will likely engage with it the most.

Try not to limit your audience targeting, unless you’re trying to direct it to a specific segment or niche group.

Avoid these Facebook Ad mistakes for your business marketing

Facebook Ads are super beneficial for a business to make use of. When it comes to utilizing them on social media, it’s important to be aware of what criteria are required in order to reach and engage with your audience. Do the research to find out who your target audience is and then invest in quality ad campaigns, rather than spreading your budget too thinly.
These paid ads can be a great way of building up your brand’s awareness online, as well as driving traffic to your site and converting leads to customers. If done correctly, it can be greatly beneficial for your business in 2022 to utilize.

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