6 Common Mistakes of Newbie SEO Specialist


Before you turn into an SEO expert, you will definitely make some mistakes. The mistakes will be made either unknowingly or perhaps due to lack of proper understanding. SEO is undergoing rapid changes with new requirements, making keeping ahead quite a task for new graduates. We, therefore, list the 6 common mistakes a starter SEO expert will commit for education purposes.


  1. Unaware that they do not know
    SEO is a field that does not have limits, meaning that there is so much to learn. A newbie will have less experience than an expert and thus subject to make mistakes of ignorance. The newbie needs to go through a process of education before addressing this shortcoming fully.

    The Google ranking calculation that determines the page rankings does not stay constant over time. An SEO expert will have to think about this and make the right shift to achieve successful ranking. The rookie will have to update the knowledge base regarding the changes to come up with correct documents.

  2. Google keyword tool
    Thinking that you can create your Google keyword while on the process of creating content is a mistake. Most newbies do not keep this in mind and will apply it without much thinking. The keyword has to be thought about well in advance as it is an indication of what people will type in to search your content. Your keyword will have to be well placed in the content or pages to be relevant and easily understood by the readers.

    A low completion and long tail keywords are advisable as they attract good ranking in Google.

  3. Quality descriptions and title tags
    Newbies are prone to making these mistakes which have been given lots of emphasis by Bing and Google. Common mistakes are:

    * Most newbies will not know that they do not have to include the site name on all pages apart from the homepage.
    * Having the same title in all the pages
    * Having more than 65 characters for the page titles which is wrong
    * Most newbies do not know that the description should be made unique. It should have 150-160 characters, low completion keyword and should look and sound attractive

  4. Not thinking out of the boxIt is true that you have to abide by the client’s instructions and requirements. What newbies will not know is that they are guidelines and the client will appreciate if you think out of the box at the same time have relevancy. If you find a client’s instructions do not represent the correct picture, know it is your responsibility to make modifications.
  5. Failing to register your site with Bing or Google Webmaster toolsNewbies may not know that failing to have registered their sites with Bing and Google webmaster tools is a big mistake. The tools will provide a way of helping site owners to get more details about their site. The process of registering is quite easy and has many benefits. The feedback is automatic and will save you the headaches of trying to figure out where you went wrong and then rectify.
  6. Lack of quality content
    This above all is one of the most serious mistakes an SEO expert can make.

    Quality content is one of the surest ways of creating authority between your site and the search engines and building trust between your site and your audience. High-quality content is ‘King’ in online marketing and contributes to business growth.

    It is, therefore, a serious mistake for one to ignore the importance of quality content as you forego high ranking and site traffic.

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