Top 5 in-demand IT professions in 2022

After the stress of 2020, the following years were crucial for small IT companies and agencies. After all, only large companies became rich and developed, while teams of a few dozen professionals were forced to survive. Naturally, this had an impact on the IT-sphere as a whole, and on the demand for professions in particular. And today, before we face an avalanche of different results and TOPs, let’s try to predict the demand in 2022, sum up the results of the outgoing year and see what IT specialists are in high demand in the world.

In addition, it is worth noting the increasing popularity of IT among the younger generation and the desire to develop in these areas. We say at once that learning such specialties will be challenging and time-consuming, but the reward in the form of a good salary will not delay. Well, we suggest those who are hard to cope with educational difficulties to apply to the essay writing service online in order to quickly resolve these issues.

Positions and specialties we analyzed from data provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, job search sites, analytics from IT companies and HR agencies. These are global trends relevant for 2021.

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Cloud Architect

Cloud services were popular even before the pandemic. And in 2021 – the sphere began to develop at a tremendous pace. Analysts of Flexera agency say that 90% of IT-sector companies significantly increased the use of cloud services because of the coronavirus. Thirty-six percent of them have invested more than $12 million in the area over the past year.

The number of job openings for the Cloud Architect position increased by 42% in 2021. Primarily because the cloud allows businesses to minimize risk in a remote work environment. If employees are working with sensitive or even classified data in a remote format, Cloud Architect is simply indispensable.

Amazon Web Services specialists with expertise in ITSM, I&O, automation, and vendor management are especially badly needed. And if Cloud Architect has Google, AWS, or Microsoft certification, it immediately multiplies the chances of getting hired.

Salaries in the field are among the highest in the IT market. According to Payscale, American. There is an acute shortage of experienced professionals. So scarce that they can set their payroll.

Security Analyst

The global cybersecurity market is growing at a tremendous rate today. In 2020, it was estimated at $153.16 billion, and experts predicted that every year it will grow by another 7.6%. 

The pandemic has changed the situation and accelerated the growth rate by almost 1.5 times. According to updated 2021 estimates, cybersecurity is now growing at 12% and by 2028 the market capitalization will be at least $366.10 billion.

The job market in the field was unprepared for this state of affairs. The shortage of specialists has become so acute that the unemployment rate for Security Analysts and Security Engineers is close to zero. This is the lowest unemployment rate not only in IT but in the global market as a whole.

The shortage of experienced professionals is so severe that large corporations are taking unprecedented measures.

On average, salaries are extremely good. In the U.S., a security analyst can expect a salary of $8,592 a month. And a security engineer gets even more – 11,195 dollars.

System Analyst

Although the coronavirus crisis is nearing its end, businesses still have plenty of problems. A systems analyst is just the kind of specialist who helps businesses to solve problems and not bury themselves. In the crisis period, they are especially in demand. 

The main difficulty in the field of systems analysis: every company interprets the functions of such specialists differently, therefore almost always they need time to adapt to the new place.

But the salary compensates for the inconvenience: in the USA, systems analysts get on average $7,810 a month.

Mobile App Developer

Here we didn’t separate iOS and Android developers or emphasize any programming languages or tools for mobile development. Because in general, the whole sphere of mobile development today is developing very fast.

The demand for mobile developers has almost doubled in 2020-2021. And some of the narrow and specific areas have grown by 6 times. The sphere is literally feverish, it is growing faster than business expects. Because of this, the dispersion of salaries even in reports from different resources is very large. 

According to Payscale, the average American mobile developer earns $5,775 per month. And Indeed claims that it is almost twice as much – $10,015.


Devops is the most in-demand profession of 2021 according to CodinGame. They analyzed the opinions of more than 15,000 developers and HR specialists. And it turned out that not only is it in demand, but it is also the hardest to fill. On Indeed, the number of vacancies for the devops position increased by 75% over the year, and on LinkedIn by 50%.  

And the wild demand is complemented by the high level of wages. It is one of the highest, even among IT specialists – it has risen by almost 40% over the year. In the US, the median DevOps salary is $11,485 per month. Interestingly, such high salaries are received mainly by the middles. According to a Puppet Agency report, only 18% of all devops, actually have a Senior level, and 78% are middles.

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