RoboForex: A Legal Trading Platform

RoboForex has developed itself like one of those international brokers that offer tradeoffs in
terms of tight regulations while still providing users with high Forex brokerage operations and
numerous advantages that more carefully regulated and controlled brokers.

Despite the fact that RoboForex is based in an overseas location, it does not accept users
from the United States, Australia, Canada, or Japan. If you live in one of these large
economies, search for licensed brokers who follow regional rules and reporting standards.

Some points about RoboForex broker:
● In 2009, the company was established.
● There is a large variety of marketplaces and account kinds to choose from.
● RoboForex is an international online broker that is part of a large European firm group.
● Sponsorships and prizes for the most successful broker

Types of Forex Trading Accounts:

  1. RoboForex is an ECN Forex trader but also provides basic accounts for beginners
    who don’t want to bother with charges on every deal. They presently mention five
    various types of RoboForex accounts that you can establish.
  2. RoboForex’s most famous account option is called Pro-Standard, and it’s designed
    for traders who desire a perfect blend of services and expenses while trading Forex.
    The Pro-Standard account has a ratio of up to 2000:1 and spreads as low as 1.3
  3. The Pro-Cent account has many of the same characteristics as the Pro-Cent
    account, with the exception that it is a cent-denominated profile. Traders are urged to
    explore their trade methods using the Pro-Cent account.
  4. ECN-Pro is RoboForex’s third account, which is a non-dealing firm ECN profile. The
    broker costs $2 per normal lot worth $100,000 in trading activity for most currency
    pairs, despite offering margins as low as 0.1 pips.
  5. The RoboForex Prime account is the company’s fourth account, and it is meant to
    meet the requirements of experienced traders. The Prime profile has no minimal
    spreads, and currency pairs frequently have 0.0 spreads.
  6. R Trader is RoboForex’s fifth and last trading account, and we think it’s the best of
    all. With the R Trader, dealers can trade commodities, indexes, Actual stocks, CFD
    on stocks in Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States, as
    well as numerous ETFs, all from one profile.

Customer Service and Support:

RoboForex can be reached at [email protected] for general inquiries, and somebody will
typically respond in 24 hours, as the firm has a 24/7 support line, even on holidays. If you
have an urgent matter, RoboForex recommends contacting its global support staff, which
offers technical assistance in 12 various languages.

The company is well known for digital trade, with a vast selection of products and trading
systems that set it apart from other opponents. Trading charges are very modest, and trades
are executed quickly and directly with guidance on how to invest money properly. Also, the
reward plan is strongly recommended and can create for you extra revenue.

In conclusion, because no fraud has been detected, we can suggest the provider. The
broker is a trustworthy partner because of rules, licences, and endorsements.

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