How LinkCollider is Different from Other SEO Tools


You are probably here because you have heard of the LinkCollider website and want to learn how to intensify your online presence translating to sales and revenue. Well, do not fret as this article will discuss what LinkCollider is all about and how it compares to the other website ranking tools.

In the current digital space where internet marketing is a primary marketing strategy for companies and businesses, social media is an invaluable tool. Almost all, if not all companies, even the multinationals, have realized that social media is everything and have decided to jump on board to create an online presence, and consequently audience through which to promote their products and services.

LinkCollider is the only website ranking tool that makes use of social media to increase traffic to your website and to generally ensure you have a high ranking on Google. Your company will be in direct contact and be able to interact with real people, over 350,000 people in the world to be precise.


Website Ranking Tools and What They Do

Although LinkCollider is different from its counterparts, the whole purpose of other website ranking tools such as Google Rank Checker and SEMrush is to rank keywords of websites and gauge their position on the internet. Any articles or content and information on a website should be geared towards keyword density and ultimately increasing traffic to their website. It is a very important step that takes barely a few minutes. There is no point in taking the time to research relevant keywords in your field and writing keyword centered content and not checking to see how well you rank on Google.


LinkCollider Website does Things Differently

As was already mentioned above, LinkCollider is the only ranking tool that uses social media stats in its ranking process. Some of the ways in which LinkCollider will help you improve your SEO rankings include getting Facebook likes, getting Twitter likes and followers, Pinterest pins, better SEO and website traffic, and WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr likes.

Whether you have a blog or business, you can take advantage of the following benefits. One of the reasons why LinkCollider’s social media strategy is so effective and attractive is that is that search engines are now incorporating statistics from social media making their process effective to increase SEO rankings. You will have an upperhand especially if your competitors are not using LinkCollider.

Some of the SEO tools that LinkCollider uses include Keyword Tools, Search Engine Submission, Article Rewriter and Spinner, Link Building and Shortener, Character Voumter, Sitemap Generator, Directory and Bookmark Submission, and Spintax Tester.

Along with these tools, LinkCollider pairs different businesses and provides a platform which helps startups especially to gain a significant amount of leeway in their specific industries. This is important because start ups are volatile and need extra care and support to get past the first few years normally characterized by stagnation and other teething problems. Considering LinkCollider is a free SEO tool and it has wonderful testimonials from those who have tried it out, it is worth checking it out for yourself .


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