How to use LinkCollider to boost SEO

If you own or manage a website, you will always be on the lookout for a way to boost web traffic, this is a major concern for many websites and business owners and they end up spending lots of money trying to do this yet sometimes they do not even get the desired results. Well not anymore, now with LinkCollider, it is possible to get the traffic you want and you can do it for free. This article will let you know how to do it in very easy steps. First of all, you need to know a bit more about LinkCollider.

What is LinkCollider?

What is LinkCollider

LinkCollider is a web-based company that helps new and existing websites improve SEO using simple methods and SEO tools that they have on their website. They emphasise simplicity in helping individuals or companies grow their business through promotion of the website. It is not just about websites, though, even social media pages can benefit from using these tools.

Businesses can use LinkCollider to increase the number of likes on Facebook, followers on Twitter and interactions on the different social media sites. The tools employed act as a traffic booster and the results can be witnessed within a very short period of time.

This process is very easy, anyone with a website can do it without any technical knowledge of the different tools used for SEO. It is just a matter of following the instructions provided.

Getting Started

When you click the get started now button, you will be directed to the registration page, fill in the required details. These will include your email address, password and a nickname you will want to use on LinkCollider. Once you are done with that, you may want to read the details of the terms and conditions for using the site. These basically explain what is expected of you, what you can expect of them and the privacy policy among other terms and conditions.

Getting Started

Once all that is done, you will be one step closer to your traffic booster. Click register and you are ready to start improving your SEO.

Go to the tab that says how to use and you will be able to submit your website. When you click on submit your website, it will give you options to boost your website of social media pages which include, Facebook, twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

Choose the website option which is the big green tab at the top. You will be asked to enter your URL. Go to your website, copy the URL and paste it into the box, then complete the form providing the title you would want to use and the description of your website – just give a brief overview of what your website is about. You can also use spintax to describe your website.

Lastly, you can set the number of tokens you will give people who visit your website, or like your facebook page and so on. Tokens can be got for free or bought. The number of tokens you are able to purchase may determine how many you are able to give out.

You are now ready to start experiencing the magic of LinkCollider.

How it works

To boost web traffic to your site, you will have to actively participate in boosting other people’s sites as well. Every time that you visit a site of a member of Collider, you will be rewarded with tokens, these tokens are what you will use to entice other people to visit your site and improve SEO. You will realize that the more tokens you are able to purchase, the more you will be able to give out and the more tokens you give out for each visit, the more people will visit your site.

How it works

Tokens are a motivation for traffic to your site and for you to give traffic to fellow members of LinkCollider. By using LinkCollider as a traffic booster, you are supporting other businesses that are also supporting you.

If you feel like you would want to gain much more from LinkCollider, then you can opt for the premier option which involves payment. Here the collider team will help you much more to improve your SEO using their tools and skills.

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