6 Ways to Increase Website Traffic


Most of the businesses in today’s world are linked to a given website. The business owners have a deep desire to have a wide following on their website. Increasing website traffic can be an uphill task especially when proper methods are not put into practice. A website owner is expected to have the best laid out plans in an attempt to command a great following on their blog. With the rightful and conventionally acceptable methods, the results can be tremendous and overwhelming.

The following methods have been used by most of the websites doing well in the online industry. They have thus been proven to bear positive results and very effective ones. Some of the ways of increasing website traffic include:

  1. Having captivating headlines

    A good write-up or article might get many or less reads depending on the type of heading that precedes it. A headline carries a big chunk of the message and plays a crucial role in sending a message. Having a captivating headline is a sure way of having people read and follow closely on a website. A good article might miss out on readership by an inch for the subtle mistake of having a non-fascinating headline. It is also possible to get a lot of reads for a fairly written article by giving it a catchy headline.

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  2. Blogging on other sites as a guest blogger

    By posting on other blogs as a guest blogger, chances are the followers of that given blog or website will want to follow you. It is this advisable that a guest blogger should post high-quality content that easily convinces the followers on that website page to follow him or her.

  3. Advertising the website

    Advertising one’s product is a sure way of attracting more people to see and want to learn more about the said product. The same works for the website. The more you advertise it, the more it gets to be seen by many, and this translates to increased website traffic.

  4. Mixing up content

    .This does not mean that there should be disorganized information on one’s website. It means that the website should capture different but related content. In so doing, one gets to attract a variety of followers who will find the website interesting and informative. People love information and offering them that is a sure way of keeping them.

  5. Posting website content on LinkedIn

    Posting one’s content on LinkedIn opens up avenues to have the website increase its traffic. This is because the site is both a professional and social media platform. The combination makes it easier to reach more people of different niches.

  6. Having a responsive site

    Websites that take ages to open links and pages are a great turn off for most followers. To have the upper hand in attracting more people to a website, it is important to ensure that the web page is highly responsive and easily accessible through any electronic gadget. This is also another approved and reliable method of attracting people to a website and thus getting increased website traffic.

5 thoughts on “6 Ways to Increase Website Traffic

  1. rikich0n Reply

    A fast loading website is also a significant factor. Visitors are very impatient and will click away and move on.

    • LinkCollider Post authorReply

      That’s right, Rikichon, the faster you load the site, the better. You’ll get good conversion rate for that too.

  2. Pro4People Reply

    Should not this be the result of high quality content connected with increasing on-page traffic coming from social media? 🙂

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