Why Start-up Website Owners should Use LinkCollider


Startups are generally very volatile ventures regardless of the industry that they fall in. LinkCollider have many experienced entrepreneurs who deal in specific fields of business or are well conversant with the ways of conducting online businesses, but it is very likely that they are not very happy about the SEO considerations.

But it is not a must for you to get a marketing team or dedicated SEO resources so as to optimize your start-up website. Whatever you’re required to do is to put the best SEO systems in place and in advance as this will help you get good returns as your business continues growing.

A good SEO for business or new website will make sure that the people who are searching for your business name get it more easily. But it is a good thing for beginners to implement the SEO practises as soon as possible instead of doing it later since the SEO outcome takes quite some time to get the required results.


The SEO Tips for Start-up websites

Below are some of the SEO tips and tasks or start-up websites out of which you’ll be able to get some that take a short time while others would require development assistance. Each of this SEO tips will have its own distinct payback on your site.


General Set-up

This involves installation of the Google analytics, the setting up of the destination goal, setting of the Google webmaster tools to provide more information on how your clients can find your site, making the robots.txts file and then uploading it to the website, and then making a sitemap.xml file and then submitting it to the Google Webmaster Tools so as to be indexed.


The Keywords search

You’ll be required to make a list of each of the products and services that you offer at your premises, how you normally refer to them, and how normally your clients like to denote them. Feed in the keyword planner and then check their performance. The targeted keywords should then be classified and assigned a page to each of the groups.

LinkCollider have other tips which include: unique content, onsite optimization and the linking of your website to other sites of your competitors.


Ways of improving the SEO

LinkCollider have various ways of how you can increase sales and traffic in your start-up website. The first and foremost, publishing the relevant content since this is the most useful driver when it comes to increasing the traffic and improving the sites relevance. This can be reinforced by use of italics, head-tags, bold among other tags that denote emphasis of the highlighted keyword phrases, but without overdoing it.

Secondly, you need to more regularly update your web content as this is seen as an indicator of relevance. Another method that you can use to increase the website traffic and sales is by having a fantastic title metadata on every webpage. This description metadata is very essential since it describes whatever your business offers and this encourages more people to visit your website.

And finally, you have to pay more attention on making relevant links in the text. When updating or creating a website, avoid things like ‘click here’ links. Instead of them, use keywords such as ‘Mediab tech enterprise’-this will improve the search engine ranking.


All of the tips mentioned above can be done by using LinkCollider. Not only you’ll get better SEO but you’ll get social media shares as well.

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