5 Ways To Download Your Favorite Facebook Video

One of the oldest and most popular social networking applications of today’s time is Facebook. It has become the world’s largest social platform for sharing content. One of the most interesting facts about Facebook is that every second, 7 new users are added to the social media giant’s user base. Think about that for a minute. Since there are so many active users around the world, there are tons of content posted every second as well. Sometimes we come across videos or pictures which we find good and want to keep it safe with us so that we can see it anytime we want. But it is hard to do that since Facebook doesn’t give you an option for downloading video content from its feed. You can still do that. Here are five methods you can use for downloading Facebook videos:

1. Download Videos on Mac and Windows Computers: 

One of the best methods for downloading videos from Facebook using a windows computer is using Gihosoft TubeGet. It has been primarily designed and developed to be able to download videos from various websites. Some of the websites that it can download videos from are – YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Twitter, Facebook and more. For Mac users, TubeGet is a very solid video downloader from Facebook as well.


  • Go to the Facebook video post that you want to download.
  • Select the URL link of that particular video and copy it.
  • Go to the Gihosoft TubeGet and seek for the option where you can paste the URL link. Then paste the copied URL link there.
  • A dialogue box will appear so that you can decide the resolution you want to download the video in.
  • Just click on download and your download process will start.

2. Download Videos For Your Android/iPhone Devices:

While PC users are availed with several options for downloading Facebook videos, smartphone users don’t get much. According to current stats, more percentage of people use Facebook in their mobile devices rather than their desktops. So what happens when you want to download a video on your smartphone? You can use various applications that are available both for androids and iOS for downloading Facebook videos. One of the most famous and good ones is TubeMate. Using TubeMate will make the downloading process so much easier for you. So how do you use TubeMate for downloading videos on your smartphones? Just follow the below-mentioned steps (these steps are only for android smartphones):

  • Download TubeMate from a trusted source. If you can’t find in the google play store, just look for its APK versions. There are also some verified trusted sites from where you can download the app such as Uptodown and SlideME.
  • Go to the Facebook app on your phone and look for the video you were watching. Copy its URL link again open the TubeMate app.
  • You will see the space for where you can paste the URL link. Paste it there and you will see options for download resolutions.
  • Upon selecting one of the download resolutions, the downloading process will start and then all you have to do is just sit and wait for it to be completed.

3. Using an Online Site To Download Facebook Videos: 

There are tons of videos on Facebook that you won’t be able to find in other websites or YouTube. With the launch of the mobile application, it was perceived that Facebook will allow its users to download videos and save them in the app the way Netflix does. But that didn’t happen. So to solve this issue, various websites started providing people with tools to download Facebook videos through them. One such online website is. It is a website that is developed only to download any sort of Facebook videos without any kind of registration required. It is very easy to download using this website. To download Facebook videos from frogjet you have to follow the usual steps, just take the URL link and paste it into the application and then select a resolution of your wish and you are done.

In case you are wondering why you should use frogjet, here are a few:

  • It is completely free.
  • You also have the support of an in-built video player.
  • There are no annoying advertisements.
  • You can download different files in a single batch.
  • It is compatible with all the latest and major web browsers.

4. Using Google Chrome

Did you know that you can also use a plugin to download videos from Facebook? One of the best plugins in the business today is FBDown video downloader. It is a very safe and fast Chrome extension which both windows and chrome users can use. So how do you use a Facebook video downloader plugin? Here is how:

  • Open the Chrome application in your PC. Then go to the Chrome Web Store. Search for FBDown Video Downloader. You will get the extension in no time. Click on ‘ADD TO’ option and when it is added to Chrome, click on install this extension.
  • Next, go to the Facebook page and find the video you were looking for. Play it. The plugin will turn green automatically as soon as it picks up on the playing Facebook video. Click on it.
  • Choose the resolution you want the video in and download it.

5. Download Using Opera/FireFox

To download Facebook videos using Opera and Firefox is a very easy affair. You can use different extensions for either Opera or Firefox. Some of the extensions you can use for downloading videos from Opera are; Flash Video downloader extension, Video Downloader Prime, vGet extension, video downloader professional, and Video Download Helper. There are extensions available for Firefox as well such as; Facebook video downloader, Download Facebook video and many more. You can get more extensions active online when you go to Firefox extensions for Facebook videos.


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