10 Ways To Create An Engaging Website Design

Is having a well-designed and interactive website essential? 

According to a report, almost 65% of people tend to consider the design to be responsible for them to leave a site. 

A well-built platform, in essence, focuses more on the user experience than anything else. Hence, while creativity is crucial for your purpose, you should think more about the functionality of the platform. 

Here are a few design principles that can help you out in this regard. 

Creating An Engaging Website – A Fundamental Guide 

Being simple and straightforward is the key while designing something, and the same goes for a website too. 

But, where should you start from? 

Let’s learn more about it together! 

Suggestion – 1: Use A Simple Layout 

The simple your website’s layout, the better its design will pan out to be. However, it doesn’t mean that you will have to make it look bland. Your layout should be uncomplicated yet needs to have all the fundamentals. The simpler the design is, the better it will perform across all the available platforms. 

Suggestion – 2: Easy To Follow Navigational System 

According to Digitrio, a popular digital marketing website, using a functional navigation system is a must in website design too.

Besides, we will ask you to make your menu section look a little more prominent too. This way, the readers will find it pretty convenient while moving through your platform. 

Suggestion – 3: Use Clearer CTAs 

What do you want your website users to do? Do you want them to buy your products or sign up to a newsletter? The design and placement of your CTAs should depend on this aspect.

For example, when you are asking your audience to click somewhere, you should use a “button” design. In this aspect, the text should be short and somewhat direct as well. 

Suggestion – 4: Mix Up The Coloring 

Many websites use the same color for every single page to maintain consistency. Well… it’s not bad. However, your site will not look too engaging or fresh in any manner. 

For example, we would ask you to use white color on in your content section to make it look clearer and more readable. On the other hand, integrating vibrant coloring for your product page would be ideal for your purpose. 

Suggestion – 5: Cleaner Fonts For The Win 

The fonts of your website content should be large, clean, and, of course, easy-to-read. Also, you will have to make sure that it matches the feel and aim of your brand.

If you are unsure about which one to use, we’d ask you to go for Sans-Serif blindly. It’s pretty easy-going and vibes with almost any kind of web design as a whole. Its readability is pretty high too. 

Suggestion – 6: Mobile-Friendly Website 

Mobile usage has become pretty prominent recently. Therefore, when you’re designing your site, you have to focus on this aspect too. In this aspect, your design should include – 

  • Smaller fonts 
  • Compressed images 
  • User-friendly content 

Suggestion – 7: Social Media Plugins Placement 

Social media plugins can make your site much more interactive, enabling your visitors to share your content on social media websites quickly. For that, you will need to make the plugins more visible and place them somewhere more visible.

For example, we use the same at the top of our blog pages to make it easier for our readers to share them. 

Suggestion – 8: Structure Your Content Properly 

Website designing isn’t all about working on the technical aspects of your site. Besides, you’ll also have to focus on structuring your content section properly. Here’s how you can do it – 

  • Create a header tag 
  • Break up texts through numbered or bulleted list 
  • Make small paras while writing 
  • Use a reader-friendly writing tone 

Suggestion – 9: Keep A Dedicated Space For Ads 

Sooner or later, you will start getting web traffic on your website. Therefore, if you want to monetize the same, we will ask you to keep a dedicated space for ads.

However, the less number of rooms you keep, the more readable your website will be. 

Suggestion – 10: White Space Is Important 

Use add much white space on your website as possible. It will make the pages look more transparent and more user-friendly.

In essence, creating small paras while writing is the best way to integrate white space into your site. You can also write your content within a small space to show off more such space as a whole. 


These are some of the design-related tips that we use for our website. So, what do you think of them? Do you have anything else to refer to? Or, are you stuck somewhere and cannot find a solution?

Don’t worry! Just give us a knock in the comment section and, we’ll let you know the answers immediately. 

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