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What is Link Collider?

Link Collider will help you grow your online business, personal blogs and social media networks. Our system serves as a link between site owners who would want to get better SEO, more web traffic and social media shares. You can get web traffic, Facebook likes & shares, Twitter tweets & followers, YouTube subscribers, and so much more from real people from more than 900,000 active users from more than 200 countries.

Whether you have a new website or an old one, its relevance depends on many factors like traffic generation, backlinks, search engine ranking, social media, and many others. Webmasters spend a lot of money and efforts to make their sites visible on search engines. Link collider provides these services to you for free!

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Not only web traffic, but you can also get Facebook Likes, Google Plus, Pinterest Pins, Twitter Tweets & Followers, Facebook Shares, YouTube Subscribers, Pinterest Followers, Tumblr, Stumbleupon Posts, and Free Banner Ads for your website.

You cannot imagine how social media could change the fate of your site's SEO. Nowadays, most search engines use social media stats to calculate the popularity of a website. It's been tested and proven by many site owners, and now, Link Collider is here to guide you how you can get more social media shares, followers, and likes which can lead you to the success and boost your site's SEO at the same time for free.


Search Engine Optimization is the key to your site's success. It can make the difference between your site sitting alone with no visitors, or your site generating millions of dollars in sales. Link Collider can be that difference for you. There are many sites and consultants that will charge you a lot, but do little to move your bottom line.


When we built Link Collider, we combined all the best practices and tools to fully optimize your SEO, PageRank, Alexa and backlinks. These improvements will give you higher web traffic and generate continuous web traffic the longer you use it.


"I was turning $30,000 with 70 % profit margin within only 4 months of operating a business using Link Collider as primary source of a backlinks and social media shares!"


Some of our SEO tools

Drop My Link

Simple yet powerful SEO tool that will help promote a website and create backlinks for free.

Search Engine Submission

SEO tool that will help you submit a website to Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, Excite, and MSN for free.

Bookmark Submission

A tool that will help you submit a website to a selected high PR social bookmarking sites.

Unique Article Generator

Generate new article by replacing words with equivalent synonyms.

Keyword Tools

Select keywords wisely by using the most trusted keyword tools to improve site SEO.

Directory Submission

Free SEO tool that will submit a website to hundreds of open directory sites automatically.

Character Counter

Online character counter tool for content optimization.

Link Shortener

A way to make long URL short in just a second.

Sitemap Generators

By having sitemaps you are helping Search Engines to index your site pages more quickly. As a result, you might get better web traffic and SEO result.