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How to use LinkCollider Tokens

Tokens are currency on LinkCollider. Like money, you can pay people in tokens to help you get found and noticed or get paid in tokens for helping other people and their businesses.

Why Do I Need Tokens?

Tokens serve as money on LinkCollider. You get new tweets, likes, shares, blog posts, followers, subscribers, and more website traffic by paying other users of LinkCollider to share your content and website.

You get what you give when it comes to tokens - the more you can offer, the better you’ll be.

Where Can I Get Tokens?

You may get tokens by doing activities such as liking, following, and sharing. You may also simply purchase tokens from our store.

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How are Reward Tokens Used?

Whenever a user creates an activity for your site, like a share, tweet, or like, tokens are deducted from your account but you can set a limit for how much activity is performed.

The more tokens you have, and the higher you set your limit - the more you’ll receive from LinkCollider users.