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Set how many tokens you are willing to give to the other users of LinkCollider every time they give you activity. (e.g. like, tweet, followers, subscribers, website traffic, etc.) You can easily Collect Tokens for Free or Buy Tokens
(Slide the handle to adjust the Reward Token)

Your website will get

  • Website Traffic
  • Facebook Likes
  • Pinterest Pins
  • Twitter Tweets
  • Tumblr Posts
  • Stumbleupon/Mix Posts
  • WordPress Posts
  • Blogger/Blogspot Posts
  • Backlinks
  • Better SEO

What URL should I submit?

  • You most probably want to submit your home page URL. (e.g. http://www.yourwebsite.com)
  • But you may also submit pages of your website. (e.g. http://www.yourwebsite.com/article-about-something)
  • Or even submit other URL. (e.g. http://www.otherwebsite.com)

Not allowed

  • Any sexual content
  • Porn
  • Site with virus
  • Site with force redirect
  • Shortened URL

Watch how it works


Now go to your dashboard and manage your website(s) and check how many activities (e.g. web traffic, tweets, likes, shares, etc.) you've got.

Important Note: It may take hours or even days to get a good amount of activities. So keep coming back to your dashboard to check what you get.

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