7 Virtues Needed By A Webmaster

If you’re currently doing website administration for a client or your own website, you need to possess these traits and virtues in order to be successful in your endeavors. We know you want to score high adsense and affiliate payouts. To succeed, do you have these following virtues?

Virtue #1: Patience

If you created a niche website (or authority site) and are waiting for it to rank, you will need a planetoidal amount of Patience. You cannot expect results the next day, week, or month. At the least, you might have to wait 6 months to an entire year to see the fruits of your labor. And even then, it will be trickling.


According to studies of ranking websites, one important part of Google’s current algo (as of writing) is AGE of site. So you might have a gazillion links, a shiny new theme, and good content, but it may take awhile to see traffic start coming into your site. It’s a waiting game and nesting game. Be patient.

Related virtues: steadfastness, toughness,

Virtue #2: Zeal and Focus

We’re lumping these two together because they go great as a pair — like macaroni and cheese.

As you build your website and grow it, you will need laser-like focus and zeal. There is what is called the “shiny object” syndrome where you can get tempted to start new projects that might make money. So you start a project and then abandon it for a new one. And so on the cycle goes. In the end, you get so distracted every time that nothing ever gets finished and nothing ever works out.

shiny object syndrome
Source: marketoonist.com

Which is why you’ll need said laser-like focus. Your goal should be clear and you should stick to it until COMPLETION. It’s like having blinders temporarily until the goal is met.

Zeal is also important because zeal is what will sustain you to keep your focus. As long as you have the enthusiasm for your project, you can keep pluggin away even though it gets tedious, or hard, or even just darn boring. (Imagine writing about, say, shoelaces if that’s what your niche website is about and nothing else!)

Related virtues: endurance, devotion

Virtue #3: Hope

So trite but NEVER lose hope. When you’re staring at your Google Analytics and the traffic isn’t coming in, don’t lose hope. Instead use techniques like The Law of Attraction. Before you sleep and as soon as you wake up, imagine people stumbling onto your site and bookmarking it. Imagine your analytics going up!

Virtue #4: Diligence

It’s all good not to lose hope and to keep hoping for the best outcome but this should ALWAYS be paired with diligence. Only hard work will yield true and lasting results. If anybody else tells you otherwise, more likely than not, you’re being scammed.

So roll up your sleeves and prepare to work hard. But here’s a tip that will make the difference. Enjoy the journey. Enjoy the process. The awesome thing about website management is that there are always new things to learn due to changing algorithms and trends.

search terms

As you work, think of it as a huge classroom where every task is part of a big learning experience where the goal is for you to be an expert webmaster.

May the website gods be ever in your favor!

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