How To Choose What Blog Topics To Post Next

Are you running out of topics for your blog?

topics for blogs

If you’ve been maintaining a website for awhile now and publishing regular content, this might be getting to be a problem for you. However, you know you can’t stop because:

Regular quality content helps you stay on top of your Google game

Google rewards websites that publish quality content regulary. In comparison to a website that hasn’t published anything new in the last few months, Google takes note that you continue to churn out content that is useful to your audience.

Regular content lets you stay relevant.

If you’re publishing regular content, you’re forced to keep updated on the latest news and important holidays related to your niche. By talking and writing around these current events, you stay relevant to your audience and market. It also helps your brand be perceived as up-to-date and cutting edge.

Regular content keeps your audience engaged.

And assuming you’ve got an active social media network going, then you have a pretty lively community built around your brnad.

Publishing useful content regularly helps you be found by new readers and users.

You can’t rely on returning readers for your traffic. It also helps when new people stumble on your blog through the useful content that you create.

So, if you want to maintain your Google ranking, adsense revenues, and affiliate marketing revenues, it’s important to keep publishing content. However, as any veteran website owner will tell you, it can get exhausting looking for new topics to write about.

This article is for website owners who already have:

  • exhausted their pool of keywords
  • written about the core topics in this niche
  • run out of ideas

Tip #1: Explore what’s popular on your social media

Review your analytics and see your most shared posts and pins. Now, create more ideas relating to these original titles.

You can also head on over to Pinterest and type in the titles or sub-topics relating to your popular articles. Now, hit search. Scroll down the results page and see if you can pick up fresh ideas from other people and websites. Sometimes, all you need is a photo or a title to spark a fresh idea.

topic ideas

Ex. If your niche is a website for teachers, and you notice that your article on 10-minute workouts is one of the most shared articles, explore more “health” or “relaxaton” topics. They’re obviously not DIRECTLY related to teaching but if teachers are finding it interesting, then go ahead and provide the content. You can then explore yoga, meditation, quick healthy meals, HIIT, and so on.

Tip #2: Go with the flow

As mentioned earlier, stay updated. Know the hottest news, viral stories, and relevant holidays. So that readers feel that your website is in touch with the world, create content that’s related to what people are talking about.

For example, the Olympics was the most exciting news on television for awhile. You can then publish a list of sports quotes or motivational quotes on your blog. And if you make graphic images, these can even be shared by your audience on their social media.

Tip#3: Know how much serious or light your readers want

It’s funny but we once reviewed what types of articles our readers preferred and contrary to our expectations, our readers turned out to like the funny and humorous stuff. So, we made it a point to write up funny content on a regular basis.

Knowing what your readers are enjoying is a very important factor to consider when you’re working on your blog schedule.


When we come up with a great idea for a blog topic, we always think we’re going to remember it. But you won’t. If you thought of it while doing the groceries or washing the car, more likely than not, that great idea will have flown away later when you remember that you HAD a great idea. (Too bad you can’t remember it!)

writing down ideas

So, write it down on your phone or text it to yourself. A piece of paper is liable to get lost.

The inspiration for topics for blogs is everywhere. Good luck!



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