Top 6 Free Keyword Search Tools You Can Use

There are FREE keyword search tools available to every site owner. After talking about the importance of keywords in getting your website to rank in Google and other search engines, let’s talk about FREE keyword search tools that are ready for use in the Internet.

Free Keyword Search Tools

These free tools surprisingly work and do their job so take advantate of what’s out there.

Veteran site owners who are making money off their websites already usually use paid services. The cost of their paid tools are simply deducted from monthly profit. For new site owners though, it’s good to start with free tools. These free tools will get you used to keyword research AND let you understand the exact features that you need out of your tools.

Here are the best free keyword search tools that you can use:


Most site managers use their keyword tools in tandem with Keyword Planner. Everything starts with Keyword Planner. It’s an awesome tool because it lets you find out the following:

  • monthly searches – how many people have searched for a key word based off the settings you’ve set up
  • related keyword ideas
  • competition – how many advertisers are willing to pay for this kw
  • suggested bids (cost-per-click that advertisers will pay for a kw)

Searches are highly customizable as you can set the country, language, search engines, keyword filters, and even negative keywords. Negative keywords are words that you want to exclude from a search.

free keyword tools

You’ll have to register a Google Adwords account to gain access to the Keyword Planner. Please know that you do NOT need to start or pay for an ad to get going. You just need to register.  Keyword Planner is a free tool within Google Adwords.

Now, if you want to pay for ads in Google Adwords in the future, tha’ts another matter. 🙂

On the down side, the currency initially set in Google Adwords CANNOT be changed. You can sacrifice your firstborn to try to get this changed but this is non-negotiable, as many website owners have sadly discovered. The only recourse is to create a new adwords account using a different email address.

Another down side is that it is a bit of a hassle arranging the search results chronologically. They are not arranged by monthly searches or whatnot. You will have to manually order them. However, some users have been known to crash their page this way or else get the capcha of death.

(The capcha of death shows up when you make too many search queries and Google needs you to verify that you’re human. It goes for a loop and can drive sane people crazy.)


Wordtracker is another free research tool that has very good UI. It looks very clean and is very easy to use.

To use, simply enter your keyword of choice and you immediately get the search volume for words that best relate to that keyword. The great thing about Wordtracker is that the keyword results are arranged chronogically from highest searches down to lowest searches.


On the down side, the FREE version only allows you to view up to 5 results. Thus, it’s only a good support tool for some other main keyword search tool that you have.

Wordtracker is best used in seeing what related keywords with the highest search volumes are.

Next up are FOUR more free keyword search tools that we actually use more than Wordtracker.


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