The SEO Benefits of HTTPS

Linkers, did you know that getting an SSL certificate for your website also benefits your traffic? Find out the SEO benefits of HTTPS below.

Let’s go on a short recap:

What is HTTP?

HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol. It’s a simple protocol for sending and receiving text-based messages.

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS is the same as HTTP but the “S” stands for “secure”. This is because the text in https sites are encrypted. Encryption means that documents and information are translated into random-looking character strings via an SSL certificate to protect your online data.

SSL certificates contain the computer owner’s own key.

As discussed in our earlier article, we have a preference for running our websites on HTTPS because of the added security, builds user trust, and it makes Google happy.

To add and to elaborate, here is how your SEO strategy can benefit.

SEO benefits of https

  1. Your Google ranking is increased

If you didn’t take us seriously when we said getting your website running on https makes Google happy, well, guess what? Google has confirmed that HTTPS sites get a slight ranking boost. Again, this is because Google is promoting security in the web space.

2. Data referrer info is preserved

When traffic passes through an HTTP site, secure referral information is stripped so that it looks “direct”. In HTTPS, server logs will show more information about where your visitors are coming from. Important information, y’all!


3. Page loading time is lowered

Strictly speaking, moving to an HTTPS set up may potentially slow down your website, especially if your site is already suffering from slow loading times. However, new HTTPS-friendly technologies like SPDY CAN now decrease page loading time and even improve performance.

4. Increase in conversions

Your users will feel more secure with an https website and this translates in user and buyer confidence. You may see an increase in transactions and purchases from your site.

5. Additional Security and Privacy

HTTPS gives your website and your SEO goals an added layer of privacy and protection. Here are several ways it does that:

It authenticates that the server is talking to the right website (and that you’re not being hijacked or redirected to some other scammy site)

  • It prevents third party tampering
  • It secures your site for your users and visitors
  • It encrypts your sensitive information like credit card numbers, cc info, and browsing history.

Some Hurdles

Just to set expectations, migrating from HTTP to HTTPS is no simple thing. Many things can go wrong and not everything is ready for it. If you’re non-techie, you’ll definitely need the help of a trusty programmer sidekick.

Cautionary notes:

  • If you are getting your spending money from AdSense, you may see your monthly income decrease significantly as Google will restrict your ads to only those that are compliant to SSL.
  • Webmaster Tools by Google doesn’t support HTTPS migration yet.

But should that keep you from migrating? We’d say do it now rather than later. Just make sure you know what you’re doing.

Look at this Moz Poll and see how many webmasters have made the switch or are already working on it.


What do you think? Ready to make the plunge?


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2 thoughts on “The SEO Benefits of HTTPS

  1. Aaron Curtis Reply

    Google is now using HTTPS as a ranking signal. It is pretty clear from data analysis that HTTPS sites have a ranking advantage over HTTP-URLs so this switch will now benefit all companies, confidential information or not. It was confirmed by Gary Illyes back in 2015.

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