How To Write Content That Gets You Website Traffic

Do you know how to write content that will get you website traffic? It’s simple. You just need GREAT content. You can’t cheat with lame or thin writing. Just like a master chef, you gotta bake a scrumptious pie.

How To Write Content

So how does this awesome content look like? Here’s a quick checklist.

Your content should:

  • be either highly useful or highly entertaining
  • be very skimmable; makes use of subheadings
  • be well written yet friendly and engaging
  • have visual elements
  • have action items

Now let’s talk about these some more.

Tip #1: Make your content highly useful or highly entertaining

Think of the last few articles that you clicked on in the Internet. Now think of the posts that you last shared to your Facebook timeline or whatever social networking sites you’re on at the moment.

Chances are, these articles or posts were either very useful or very entertaining. These are the two criteria that usually gets an article to be highly read or highly shared.

Just to share… The last post that we shared was a hack article on how to make avocadoes go ripe faster. It was both funny and useful at the same time! I mean, who hasn’t been frustrated with an avocado that went bad too soon?

And who can forget all those funny 9gag or reddit funny dog/cat/baby gifs? Or those endless DIY articles on everything?

Inspiration for great content can strike anywhere so be sure to keep a small notebook (or your mobile phone) handy for jotting down ideas.

Tip #2: Make your content skimmable

skimmable content

Use headings and subheadings for your articles. Most people nowadays are in a hurry and very few read leisurely. Also, with an overabundance of material to read, some skim an article first to see if it’s worth giving up their time for. Headings and subheadings give your readers the gist of your content in a matter of seconds.

You’ll also want to talk about what the article is all about in the first paragraph. This prepares your reader for the rest of your content.

Lastly, break up your content into small chunks or short paragraphs. There’s nothing more dizzying and off-putting than a huge wall of text, yes?

Tip #3: Don’t be a pretentious ass; be real

Who are your favorite writers? Whose content do you enjoy reading? What do they have in common?

We personally like Spencer Haws and his sidekick Perrin. There’s also Pat Flynn and some other guys. What we like best about their writing is how simple it is. There is no posturing or patronizing going on. It’s just a simple guy talking passionately about something and it’s all laidback and friendly and real.

So, the next time you write, junk the unnecessary high-falutin words and compound-complex sentences. Engage your readers as if you were in a face-to-face relaxed and fun conversation. This will guarantee a good experience for your readers too.

Tip #4: Add images, photos, infographics, and so on.

People are very visual. Use images to complement and supplement your text. Your readers will appreciate the visual elements. (Plus if you keyword well, your images will also help you get found. Seo strategy for the win!)

relevant images
Source: QuickSprout

Tip #5: Have a call to action

A lot of writers miss this tip. If applicable, don’t forget to include a call to action. It will cap off your article very nicely and make your content more memorable.

So say your article is an article on the dangerous hidden ingredients on food labels, challenge your reader to read labels meticulously for every item added to his or her shopping cart. Or try local produce and farmers. And so on…

And because we’re taking our own advice, we’re ending this post with a challenge too. Are you ready to level up the content on your website? No matter your gimmicks or seo strategies, Content is still king so make sure your website has it. Get cracking now!


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