5 Easy Tips On How To Get Facebook Likes for Your New FB Business Page

If you have just set up a brand new FB page for your business, here are really effective tips on how to get Facebook likes.

How To Get Facebook Likes

If you’re new to SEO, you’ll soon find out that getting Facebook likes is not automatic. In fact, you’re liable to get single digit Likes only if you just set up your FB page wily-nily. Follow the steps below and get as many as 500 Likes with these tips.

  1. Complete your FB page information

threadless about page
Threadless About Page

Invest time in ensuring that you complete all your FB page information. Fill out the following fields:

  • About section
  • Your website URL
  • Start Information
  • If you have a physical location, your address
  • Long and short description
  • Mission

2. Upload your photo and brand photo


There is nothing more irritating or annoying than a brand page that hasn’t uploaded a profile or cover photo. Make sure to upload yours.

If you are a small company, it is sometimes a good strategy to use your photo as profile. It gives new customers a face they can identify with. If you are a big company, however, it is normal to use your brand’s logo.

Since you will most likely also have other social media presence, invest in a good cover. You can resize this later and use as a Twitter or YouTube header. It’s a good idea to make your profiles and cover photos standard so that your brand is easily identifiable even if customers switch social media.

3. Invite your friends on your personal FB account to Like your business FB page through the Invite option

Invite Friends in FB

Get sure Likes from your mother, father, spouse, siblings, and close friends. Social media is a networking and number game so there’s no shame in leveraging your immediate networks.

You can find the Invite Option by going to your FB cover, clicking on the three dots beside Message and choosing “Invite Friends” from the dropdown.

If you have a lot of Friends on your friends list, that’s ideal. If not, then that’s fine. Make your trusted friends Admins on the page so THEY can add their friends, in turn.

4. Claim your vanity FB URL

vanity URL example

Facebook lets you claim a vanity URL at some point. When you first create an FB page, you get a rather long URL with some nonsense alphanumeric string.




It’s not easy to remember and it’s hard for people to find you. However, as soon as you get 25 Likes, you can already claim your vanity URL so that it looks like this:




4. Promote your FB business page in your other platforms

tweet this

If you already have followers in your other social media, promote your FB page in that space. For example, tweet your FB page URL to your Twitter followers so they can also Like you and follow you in Facebook.

5. Add Facebook Like Plugins to your website

facebook like plugin

Social media interaction can be a two-way street. Get new readers into your website by attracting them through Facebook. And in turn, get your followers to Like your FB page too.

You might ask why you would need to get your current website readers to Like your FB page. After all, they’re already on the website. The reason for this is Engagement. An FB page provides an interactive space where you can keep your current website readers and followers engaged and talking to you. This is especially helpful if your blog posts are not yet getting traction in terms of comments.

And that’s it! Five white hat tips on how to get Facebook Likes. Next up, more advanced ways on how to get more Facebook followers and likes. Watch out for our upcoming write-ups!


Author’s Note: If you want to get Facebook Likes for free, try out LinkCollider. It’s quick and easy to use. It’s very helpful especially if you get stuck and your FB Likes are not increasing.



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