How To Come Up With Blog Topics (for new sites)

Do you need to know how to come up with blog topics? Are you having a hard time coming up with ideas?

how to come up with blog topics

We’ve said it again and again that content is king. A shiny theme, stunning designs and what-have-you are still trumped by one important element in your website — the content. Good content is what will ultimately make your readers keep coming to your site (and even refer it to other friends.)

Here are a few tips for new site owners who are grappling with content management:

Identify your core articles

Scrutinize your niche. What are the most common questions asked with regard to your niche topic or product? Having done your research beforehand, you should know these already. Make sure that you have all this information readily available in your anchor text or as blog posts.

For example, if your niche is hypoallergenic stuffed toys, you should answer the topics MOST researched about these toys. So, you should make sure to have:

  • Best Hypoallergenic Stuffed Toys for 2016
  • Top 10 Best Brands for Hypoallergenic Stuffed Toys
  • Top 5 Brands of Hypoallergenic Stuffed Toys To Avoid
  • How to Choose the Best Hypoallergenic Stuffed Toys
  • and so on…

Make sure that you make your choices based on research with tools like Moz or Long Tail Pro or Adwords.

Next, research hot topics

Go into message boards for your niche. Find out what they’re talking about. Take note of threads that have the most number of participants and comments. This is how you find the popular discussions.

Because they are popular, it means your target audience is interested in this particular subtopic. They’re asking more questions in the thread and they’re participating. It’s kinda like eavesdropping to get more intel.

listen to conversations

Make an article post answering the issue or discussion. It should be packed with good information and more. Keyword it properly and you should be getting traffic to your blog post sooner or later. (Be patient if it takes 6 months or longer. We talked about this nesting period.)

There are a lot more tips but we’ll bring it down to three.

Research the Competition

To see trends and see what the competition is doing, check out your direct competitors from time to time. Take note of the posts that generate the most views, shares and comments.

If you feel that certain articles will enrich your site even more, take note of the ideas, but DO NOT copy. There’s two ways of creating an article from your competitor’s website.

  1. Make a better article

Say, if your competitor wrote an article on the Top 5 Stains That Get On Your Carpet, you can have an article that discusses this PLUS tips and hacks on how to get them off speedily. Make a better, more complete, and well-written article. Add pinnable and shareable images.

2. Use your competitor’s article as a jumping board

Use it only as inspiration. Think outside of the lines. Think beyond the box. What else can you write about based on this idea and topic? What other things do your readers want to know about this? How can you spin this idea further?

idea board

This way, you’re not totally ripping off your competitors. After all, don’t you hate that when it’s done to your own material?

Do you think the above tips helped on how to come up with blog topics? Good luck and remember to always have fun as you learn even more about website management.

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