5 Tips On How To Apply For Google Adsense

In this post, we’ll teach you how to apply for Google Adsense. There’s different ways to make money off your blog or website but Google’s Adsense program still makes the best sense because it has the most advertisers willing to pay and it also has the highest payouts.

How To Apply For Google Adsense

Still, applying for adsense can be tricky. It’s not a walk in the park. In a nutshell, if it looks like you’ve got a website that doesn’t really provide value, then you will most likely be rejected by Google.

Here’s how you increase your chances of getting approved for a Google Adsense account.

  1. Content is still king

If you have a niche website or blog, make sure you already have awesome content. At the least, have 10-15 well-written articles with 500 words each. Ideally though, you’d have 40 quality articles with a handful of them with at least 2000 words each.



No poor writing please. The content needs to be high-quality, original, and stunning! And don’t forget. It should be useful to your target demographic.

2. Choose a good-looking theme

Research for your theme well. There are A LOT of good-looking themes that you can get for free. If you know how to do some basic coding, you can even improve and mod your free themes.

If you don’t know any coding though and can’t find the perfect theme for you to use, you can look through premium themes. There are cheap but well-designed themes that you can buy for less than $50.

Our personal preference is the Genesis Framework because it’s very solid and stable. Then, we just choose child themes that work with Genesis.

As of writing, the trend seems to be moving towards magazine-type themes.

Pro-tip: Check out your competition and see what themes they’re using.

3. Complete your website pages

Make sure that you have all your basic pages created. (And do them well) These pages will flesh out your website even mroe.

See our checklist below:

  • About Page
  • Contact Us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of Use
  • Disclaimer Policy

There are free online generators that you can use. Just make sure to read through the output before pasting it onto your pages.

4. Make sure to have all the basics

Here are a handful more items you need to complete before you apply for Google Adsense.

Use your custom email address when you apply for Google Adsense. Oh and here’s the kicker. Make sure you have a minimum of 50 visitors per day. This will increase your chances of being taken seriously.

5. Fill out the online application HERE.

You’ll be providing your website URL, name, address, contact information and so on. Expect to provide your details since future transactions will cover payment transfers.

Waiting time usually takes 1-2 days if everything is in order but others have been known to take longer. Once you get “temporarily” approved, you can start placing ads.

Google will be monitoring your activity so you pay attention to these reminders:


If you do NOT want your account to get closed down or banned, DO NOT DO ANY OF THE FOLLOWING:

  • Do NOT click on your own ads
  • Do NOT ask somebody else to click on your ads
  • Do NOT place any other third party banner and ad code on your website
  • In the beginning, do NOT add affiliate links or hosting programs. This can come later.
  • Do NOT do anything remotely suspicious

If you follow the tips above, you should get approval quickly. Good luck!



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