How Often Should You Blog? — 5 Tips for Businesses

How often should you blog? This is a question that is often asked by both businesses and regular folks.

how often should you blog

Unlike some bloggers who primarily blog for fun or fame, businesses utlize their business blogs to push their product and gain more traffic going to their websites and social media. Hence, businesses who want to get more Facebook likes, get more Pinterest followers, and gain more Twitter followers, ensure that there are resources or personnel taking care of the company’s blog.

For small businesses in particular, blogging often might be a more challenging task. Let these survey results from Hubspot inspire and motivate you to commit to a more regular blogging schedule.


According to Hubspot’s survey, ” Companies that published 16+ blog posts per month got almost 3.5X more traffic than companies that published between 0 – 4 monthly posts.” (Source)

hubspot survey on blog posts

But what about businesses run by just one person or just a handful of folks? What if you can’t manage up to 16 or more blog posts? Hubspots’ survey also showed that, “Companies that blog 3 to 5 times a month, or around once a week, have more than twice the traffic of companies that don’t.”

This is heartening news. But here’s a cautionary note. It’s not ALWAYS about quantity. Check out some of these tips and reminders for deciding how much you should blog.


Quantity is good but make sure your articles are still high-quality.

Hitting an x number of posts per month doesn’t ensure 100% success in bringing up blog traffic. Why? If the quality of your articles go down, or if they start to suck, your readers are bound to notice and can potentially fall off. After all, there are many other blog sites out there that they can visit regularly so why stick around for a site that has poor content?

Also, if you regularly publish evergreen high-quality content, your old posts will ALWAYS be of value. In fact, it’s not unusual for sites to have a big chunk of their traffic coming from old articles.

Be realistic about your goals

Don’t put a strain on your resources by committing to a harsh schedule. You know that you’re overreaching yourself when you can’t keep to a consistent publishing schedule (readers like to know when to expect new content) or the quality of your recent articles is going down.

blogging for business

Instead, know your capacity and create your strategy based on that. After all, the last statistic we shared showed that as long as you are publishing (good) content, you’re still better off compared to other websites that don’t create content.

Be guided by your analytics

Don’t just churn out content simply to hit numbers. Make sure that your actions are driven by strategy. To do this, you will have to regularly check your analytics. Find out what readers are reading the most, what they’re clicking through, where they’re coming from, and who your audiences are. These are just some of the crucial things you can find out from your analytics and knowing this information can help you decide what articles or topics to post about next.

top posts google analytics

So, if you’re trying to get more website traffic and more Facebook Likes, more Pinterest follows, more Twitter followers and retweets, make sure that your business blog is regularly publishing High Quality content.


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