5 Ways To Make Your Blog Look Amazing And Get More Website Traffic

To get more website traffic, webmasters make sure that their blogs are visually appealing. Paired off with killer content, this strategy should help you get more repeat visitors from users who would have bookmarked your website.

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Here are ten easy and free ways to make your blog look amazing.

1. Choose a great-looking theme that is perfect for the features of your site

There is a wide array of FREE (and paid) themes on the Internet. Choose a theme that is both functional and pretty. Keep in mind that you want your theme to have good user interface so try to avoid overly-cluttered themes.

Here are some links you can start off with:

Awesome WordPress Blog Themes
40+ Best Free WordPress Themes for 2016
54 Best Free WordPress Themes 2016
15 Best Free Genesis Child Themes 2015
40+ Best WordPress Genesis Child Themes for Businesses, Magazines, Blogs and Restaurants 2016


The last link includes paid themes.

Shortlist the themes you like and then check out the demo links. The demo feature is an awesome way to see how a theme looks and feels like.

For frameworks, we like Genesis Framework a lot because it is very solid and reliable. There are also many FREE themes that come with it.

2. Place a visually striking header on your blog

A striking header, together with your site name, are usually the first two things that are noticed by readers. Choose a theme that is striking, beautiful, and unique to your site to get more website traffic.

retreat website


Make sure your images are compressed though. Avoid large files to speed up loading time.

3. Create click-worthy featured images for each blog post

Canva is a wonderful tool for bloggers. Not only is it FREE, it’s also a fantastic tool that even comes with easy tutorials. You can go from super amateur to a relative pro if you complete their graphic and design tutorials.

Using Canva, create beautiful featured images for your blog posts. Readers are very visual and a really good featured image will usually score more clicks than an ugly one (or a post that has no featured image).

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4. Customize widgets to show your social media

If you place your social media widgets on your blog, they’re going to add to the appeal and value of the site. Their presence will add two important things to your website. They’ll make it more visually appealing. They’ll connect your readers to your social media where you can continue to engage them. It’s a win-win situation.

“Stats show that blogs with a prominent widget on their site drive up to 10X more clicks, and gain followers up to 3X faster, than those without. More followers = more readers = more engagement = a more active community. Sounds pretty great, right?” -Bloglovin’


The following social media widgets would look great on your blog:

  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

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5. Add a really good profile picture of yourself

If you have a short Bio on your widget or About page, it’s best to choose a round photo that shows a complimentary photo of you. Choose a picture that you think readers will find pleasant. Don’t choose a photo that has a chance of alienating your readers.

A photo with an open, honest, and sincere expression and smile can make a very good impression on new readers and help you get more website traffic.

wellness mama

Lastly, step back and review your blog. Does your blog show off your killer content at its best? Are the visual elements balanced and pleasing to the eye?

A beautiful website with great content is sure to help you get more website traffic, more Pinterest followers, more Instagram follows, and Facebook likes.


Author’s Note: If you want to get more social media followers for free, try out LinkCollider. It’s quick and easy to use. It’s very helpful especially if you get stuck and your Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter followers are not increasing.

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