5 Tips to Make Your Social Media Pop and Get More Social Media Followers

Making your social media pop and stand out will help you get more social media followers. Depending whichever social media you’re on, you can get more Facebook Likes, get more Pinterest followers, get more Twitter follows, and get more Instagram Likes and follows. The possibilities are endless if you add regular value-laden content AND fix up your social media to look awesome.

get more social media followers

Here is an amazing example by Royal Dutch Airlines of the power of social media (Twitter), design, and function. Customer support turnaround is displayed prominently and tastefully in their Twitter header. This kind of attention to detail to social media is sure to get more social media followers for this brand.


Here are the following reasons why fixing up your social media is important:

  • Social media users are very visual people. They are attracted to striking graphics and visuals.
  • Good images are a plus for getting found in Google Images. Google Images is another important referrer. If Google Searches primarily scan your content for text, Google Images in particular scans your content for pictures. When your images show up in searches, readers can click through to your website.
  • Competition is very stiff in social media. Bring up your game and get more social media followers by being consistent in offering striking visuals for your followers.

With so many FREE tools on the Internet, it’s easy nowadays to create amazing graphics for all your social media and website needs. Here are the following easy steps you can do to make your social media stand out with these graphics:

1. Post a header for ALL your social media

If you will be active in more than one social media, you can use one design to unify all your platforms. For example, the header you use for your Facebook page can be the same header you use for your YouTube channel. All you need to do is to adjust sizes.

If you are working in Photoshop, you can adjust your canvas size. If you are working with Canva, just choose the social media graphic you need. It’s also a good reference for sizes in case you prefer to work with editing tools like Photoshop but aren’t sure what size you actually need. If you need this info, you can pop in quick in to Canva as they have the correct sizes for everything. Just mouse over the graphic you need to see the size for that image.

canva sizes

2. Add Photos To Your Tweets

If you are on Twitter, add photos to your tweets. Photos will increase your chances of your tweet being opened or retweeted to others.

Here’s a handy tip. If you are scheduling your tweets or having tweets posted from another social media (ex. posting Pinterest pins as tweets), make sure you are posting native images. Native images means that the actual photo will show up by default in your tweet.

twitter native image

Some platforms will post to Twitter but will link to their own platforms and that’s annoying. First off, you don’t see the actual photo right away and second, you get redirected away from Twitter.

So, when posting from a scheduling tool or posting from another social media platform, test your tweets with photos and make sure that you’re posting native photos. One platform that we’ve seen post native photos successfully has been IFTTT (If not this, then that). They have a working recipe that lets you cross post native photos to Twitter from other social media platforms.

Now here are some stats that might interest you:

  • Tweets using Pic.Twitter.com are 94% more likely to get ReTweeted
  • Tweets using Instagram Links are 42% less likely to get ReTweeted
  • Tweets using TwitPic Links are 64% more likely to get ReTweeted
  • Tweets using FB Image Links are 47% less likely to get ReTweeted (source)

Next, we’ll cover tips for Pinterest and Instagram and how you can get more social media followers. Watch out for that on Part 2 of this article.


Author’s Note: If you want to get more social media followers for free, try out LinkCollider. It’s quick and easy to use. It’s very helpful especially if you get stuck and your Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter followers are not increasing.



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