Top 6 Free Keyword Search Tools You Can Use (Part 2)

Are you ready for more FREE keyword search tools? Earlier, we talked about 2 free tools that new webmasters can use. These are Google Keyword Planner and Wordmaster. Out of the 2, we’d say that we CAN’T live without Google Keyword Planner. One day without it and we already become antsy. That’s how much we use it for our websites.

free keyword search tools (2)


Now moving on, here are some more tools for you.



Ubersuggest is a very nifty FREE tool that lets you see what terms are being searched for the keywords that you are interested in. Let’s say for example that you are interested in writing about “hunting knife” and “camping”.

If you plug these in to Ubersuggest, it will let you know the phrases you can further investigate. For example, the tool spit out “best hunting camping knife” and “good camping/hunting knife”.

Next, plug these into Keyword Planner and check out the relevant data under Keyword Ideas. Are there monthly searches? Are they high or low? What is the competition? What is the suggested bid?

Going down further, “good camping/hunting knife” has 10 monthly searches and “high” competition. (High competition means a lot of advertisers will be interested in this word/s.) Thus, it looks promising as a long tail keyword.

We’ll explain the long tail keyword in more detail next time but for now, let’s just say that very few people are competing for these words so it’s much much easier to rank for these words. It’s a matter of pennies piling up into a lot of dollars!

While Ubersuggest can be used multiple times to search and the UI is super clean and easy to use, the actual search numbers aren’t shown (and not all have monthly search numbers) so you’ll need to pair it still with another tool like Keyword Planner.

Google Autocomplete

google autocomplete

Do you see Google giving suggestions as you type onto the Google search bar? That’s Google Autocomplete. These suggestions are smart suggestions from Google based off what other people are searching for.

The primary use of the autocomplete feature is to make life easy for us lazybones but as you can see, it can also be used for SEO purposes. Those autocomplete words are all possible keywords for you to use!


answer the public

Answer the Public is just about the most visually striking FREE tool we’ve come across so far. Similar to other keyword search tools, Answer the Public lets you see possible keywords you can use. We love the presentation though!

Check it out below.

answer the public diagram

This tool makes it easy for niche webmasters find long tail keywords to target because of how the keywords are arranged. You can see that all “what/who/how” are all bunched up together for easier research.

And to think that it’s FREE!

Now all these FREE keyword search tools are often used in tandem with Keyword Planner. In SEO, you have to be very thorough. It’s not unusual for the keyword research to take longer than the writing of the actual article.

As we’ve pointed out, having the perfect keyword makes all the difference in the world. Now what will be YOUR choice of FREE keyword search tools?


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