5 Best Facebook Like Plugins for WordPress 2016

Do you need Facebook Like plugins for WordPress blogs? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. For you WordPress users, we’re sharing with 4 of the best Facebook Like plugins for this year.

facebook like plugins for wordpress

What are Facebook Like Plugins?

FB Like plugins are plugins that you can install on your website to help you get more Likes for your FB page. It is usually a widget on the side of your blog that has a Like button for readers. You can customize your FB Like widget to show as many of your current followers as you like.

What are the Benefits of the FB Like Plugin?

When you have an FB Like box embeded on your site, you can:

  • Get more Likes for your FB page
  • By getting your readers onto your FB page, you can engage them for longer
  • You can promote new posts on your FB page
  • You can encourage more dialogue and interaction via comments
  • You can remind your FB followers to check on your website every now and again
  • If you already have lots of FB followers, readers can see this info from your FB Like box; it helps build trust and credibility

What are the best Facebook Like Plugins for WordPress?

As of writing, the best and most popular Facebook Like plugins are the below. There are a gazillion choices in the Plugin section of your WordPress dashboard but we chose the plugins which had the most downloads, active installs, best ratings, and most recent updates.

To go to the download pages of these plugins, just click on either the titles or the images.


FB page pluginFirst off, let’s start with the FB Like Box from Facebook itself. It’s not technically a plugin though. If you know your way around API keys and know a modicum of coding, this is a good choice for your website. By using this option, you don’t need to add another plugin to a long list of existing plugins on your site.

With the release of Graph API v2.3, the Like Box plugin has been shelved for the new Page Plugin. They serve the same purpose in that it allows lets you easily embed and promote any Facebook Page on your website. Your visitors can like and share your Page without leaving your site.

The down side of Facebook’s plugin is that, as mentioned earlier, you need some coding knowledge. If you don’t, there are other simpler options listed below.


easy facebook like box

Easy Facebook Like Box can display fan page posts, the Like button, and connections on your website. You can choose from a widget, a shortcode to embed on any page on your website, or an auto pop-up.


WS Facebook Like Box

The Facebook Like Box is highly customizable. You can change the layout based on your website look and requirements. It is very easy to install and there is NO facebook api key required.


Facebook Like Box

They’re all named the same right? To avoid confusion, just follow the links to the correct installations.

Speaking from experience, this particular plugin is very easy to use for newbies with no in-depth WordPress experience. A downside is getting the size of the box right. According to the developer, the best plugin output width is 292px.


follow us badge

Follow Us Badges by 99 Robots is a bit different from the Like boxes we featured above. Rather than just displaying Facebook, you can also have your readers like and follow your other social media platforms. This is great for websites and brands that have other active social media accounts.

This plugin has different style options but we like the badge the best. It’s simple and is guaranteed to get click-throughs. It’s got a good visual appeal and comes from good devs.


Thus far, the above are the plugins that we can recommend with confidence. Remember that each plugin behaves differently for each theme so if your first choice fails you, try the next, and the next, and the next until you find the best Facebook Like plugins for WordPress that’s suited for your website.


Author’s Note: If you want to get Facebook Likes for free, try out LinkCollider. It’s quick and easy to use. It’s very helpful especially if you get stuck and your FB Likes are not increasing.



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