What Are DoFollow Links and NoFollow Links

If you have a blog or a website and you are trying to build your Google ranking, then there are a number of ways to do so. One of the most commonly used methods is backlinking, and while the process itself may appear quite straightforward, there are some things to consider.


In the world of link building, you may have heard of DoFollow and NoFollow links. You may very well have wondered what the difference between the two actually is.

Let’s see if we can clear things up a little, so that you know which to use and when.

What is the difference between DoFollow and NoFollow?


When you create a NoFollow link, you are letting the search engines know that this is a link that is for your visitors only. It should not count as a link that goes toward building the rank of your page.

You might wonder why you would ever use a NoFollow link, and the answer is actually quite simple. Back in the early days of Google, people would flood their pages with backlinks in an attempt to climb up the rankings quickly. Many of these links were to pages that were of no relevance or use to the person clicking them, which was why Google altered their algorithm to shut down what was essentially tantamount to spam.

Since your goal is to create pages that get noticed, you should only really link to higher ranking sites, or those which are relevant to your visitor. If there are pages in there that don’t fit that bill, add the NoFollow attribute in the HTML code, and Google will not hold that link against you. Thee NoFollow attribute is most commonly used in comments, forums, paid links, and links to sites that Google deems to be “untrustworthy.” These links are still good at helping with traffic and referrals, which is why they are still used.

Which link should you be using?


The best type of link you can have is a DoFollow backlink, as these tend to be very organic in nature. One of the most effective ways to do this is through killer content that people really want to share. If you put together a great article that is entertaining and informative, other sites will want to create DoFollow backlinks to said content, as it will help boost their ranking due to the fact that it is what their visitors want.

The same rules apply to you when adding links you your content. Try to use links that will help add some depth to the subject matter you are writing about, or perhaps even expand upon it.

By their names, you would assume that NoFollow links should be avoided at all costs, and that DoFollow links should be all that you use. This is not the case, though, and SEO experts will be quick to tell you that a nice balance of the two types of links on your pages is the way to go.

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