6 Best Practices for Choosing a Domain Name

One of the hardest things for any business owner is choosing the domain name for the company’s site. Even if you’re not a business owner and you just start a blog, it’s really challenging to find the right domain name. There are always new ideas going through your head however finding the proper domain name will be quite hard for sure.


Include keywords in the domain name


Whenever you are choosing a domain name, you have to keep in mind the fact that keywords should be a part of it. Your main keyword should be included in the domain name if you can, as this will help you bring even more traffic to your site. People will know what your site is about and you will have the ability to target users during your campaigns a lot faster, which is a major plus.

Branded domains

Since most of the good domain names are already taken, you should consider new, untouched domains that can bring great potential. Creativity is key here if you are choosing a good domain name. Variations from popular sites or something unique with a fun/professional touch can work very well. Of course, you have to keep in mind how this affects your social presence. You need to get the same domain name for social sites as well as this will make it a lot easier to be found online

Dashes or not?

Lots of sites use dashes, but the reality is you want to make your site as easy to access as possible. Stop using dashes when you are choosing a domain name, instead try to make sure that the website URL is easy to type. Dashes will take more time to type and users definitely don’t want to waste time like that. Remember, a good domain name should always be short and sweet.


You have to keep in mind privacy when you select the domain name for your site. We recommend you to keep the domain data private if you want better security. Usually this might come with an additional cost, but if you do have privacy concerns this is well worth the investment.

Target the local area if needed

If you want to focus on your local audience, then try to add your local area’s name into the domain name. Try to find those name variations that make sense and then purchase the domain very fast.

Remember that there are many other extensions


You shouldn’t stop if a .com domain is already taken. There are many other domain extensions like .net, .site, .co, .info and many others that you can purchase. Obviously, you have to do some research in order to see whether these suit your site or not but they can be a very good option.

These are the best practices when you are choosing a domain name. Remember that you should always try to research properly when you want to find a good domain name! Try to keep the name short, memorable and avoid unnecessary additions like hyphens and numbers to get the best results!

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