How To Choose the Best Keywords For Your Blog

How to choose the best keywords for your blog is KEY in getting your awesome content found. Google has been successful in making sure that blogs that have genuinely helpful and impactful posts and articles float on top of the pile and one way that Google finds out what you’re writing and posting about is KEYWORDS.

how to choose the best keywords for your blog

What are Keywords?

If you go and listen to a politican campaigning during election time, he or she will be repeating key phrases for the duration of his speech. These words or phrases repeat because they are the core ideas of the politician’s platform and campaign strategy.

For example, one politician’s slant might be pro-women and he or she might fight for women’s rights. Alternatively, another politician might promise ending corruption in the state and government and come up with stringent anti-corruption laws.

How Do Keywords Help You Get Found?

As you can see, the key words in the politician’s campaign repeat due to the logical flow of thought and rationalizatoin. It is no different from when you write an article. You have a topic in mind and a message to put across. There will be key words to your thoughts and rationalization.

Google picks out these keywords and helps you get found by the readers that need your content. For example, here’s a true story. One mother wrote about her experience with papaya leaf extract and how it healed her son of dengue disease. She was so surprised to get so many hits from this one article in her blog. Turns out, there were many other mothers and parents like her googling for “alternative remedies for dengue” or “papaya for dengue”.

search terms


In other words, search engines like Google are simply like matchmakers. They match the best and most accurate content with your search query (the information you need).

So how does this help you?

How do you Choose the Best Keywords For Your Blog?

  1. Choose keywords that are actually used by your target audience.

Are you writing about the Top 10 Best Cookie Sheets or Top 10 Best Baking Trays? Using one or the other — cookie sheets or baking trays — will yield different results. Make sure you are using terms and phrases used by your target audience.

how to choose keywords

2. Go for key words that people are actually searching for

In this case, tools like Keyword Planner is an awesome and FREE tool that can help you on how to choose the best keyword for your blog. It will tell you exactly how many people around the world (or in specific locations) are searching for these keywords. For example, as of writing, there are 27,100 people in the US searching for Donald Trump quotes.

keyword planner search results

Great insight, huh? Now these figures change very fast so timely research is key.

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3. Check out the top 10 articles on the keyword/s you are eyeing.

Without using any special tools, you can actually do some insightful research and find out the top articles for the keyword or keywords you are interested in. You simply plug in your keywords to Google Search and check out the top results.

The quality of the results are also telling.

If the top results are spammy and thin articles or websites, you have a good chance of ranking for this keyword. If the top sites that show up are solid authority websites that have several years of internet presence under their belts, you’re looking at tough competition. It might be better to look at other keywords instead.

All of the above is basic information on how to choose the best keyword for your blog. We can definitely go deeper next time. Searching for the best keywords to rank for is super exciting and it’s a real challenge. Next time, we’ll talk about the SEO tools you can use if you’re serious about ranking for keywords.


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