6 Ways To Come Up With Blog Writing Topics For An Ageing Site

If you have an aging site or a site that’s been around for several years, it’s most likely getting harder and harder each time to come up with blog writing topics. By now, you’re an expert at keyword search and you’re even probably using paid tools. But what do you do when the pickings for relevant keywords become super slim?

blog writing topics

Here are 6 ways to come up with blog writing topics for your ageing site:

Tip #1: Use new search terms with your keyword tools

Try new additional key words to throw in with your seed or main keywords. This is to be able to come up with new keyword phrases that you haven’t encountered before. The internet is dynamic. There are new keywords that are born each time based on new trends, issues, and world events.

Perrin Carrel, one of our favorite authors, came up with the following recommendations:

For informational websites and articles:

  • how do you
  • how to make
  • tutorial
  • training
  • vs
  • versus
  • how to
  • guide
  • easy
  • compare
  • comparison
  • diy
  • faster
  • eliminate
  • get rid of
  • prevent
  • reduce
  • healthy

For ecommerce sites:

  • best
  • for women
  • for men
  • for kids
  • brands
  • reviews
  • for [hobby]
  • cheap
  • where to buy
  • [name of brand]
  • luxury
  • under [insert rounded off price like $100]
  • luxury
  • premium
  • affordable

You can add in more of your own words as you observe what keywords give results.

Tip #2: Stalk your competition

What are your direct competitor blogs publishing? Which are doing well and which are bombing? You can gauge this by looking at their views, shares, and comments in the website. You should also check out their social media like FB and see which posts are getting more engagement and participation.

Now, create ideas out of your competition’s most popular titles. Make sure to come up with an article idea that’s bigger, better, and more comprehensive than the competitor’s article that inspired it.

You can also check out Semrush and see what keywords your competition is ranking for. Study the top articles for these keywords and if you’re not up on top, target to be.

Tip #3: Ask your readers

Since you’re an established website, you should have a good relationship with your readers by now. Ask them what stories or topics they want to read about. Give incentives for good ideas. You can make a contest out of it even.

Tip #4: Engage your readers

You can also create weekly recurring posts for your website where you engage your readers on a different level. For example, if your blog is about dogs, you can feature a dog and dog owner of the day in your blog. Perhaps you can have just a cute photo and short blurb. This will create engagement and participation for your readers and make them excited to check back in regularly.

human and dog

Tip #5: Harness all your available resources

Don’t try to take on the burden of coming up with new ideas alone. If you’re an editor, ask your writers, boss, artist, and friends for topic ideas. The best blog topic ideas can come from anywhere.

Tip #6: Don’t be afraid to create new keywords

This one requires some explanation. If you’ve only been using keywords with monthly search views in Adwords, you can venture and explore new keywords that don’t have any monthly searches. Why? Google’s tool isn’t all-knowing and there might actually be people looking up your search word. More importantly, your obscure keyword now might become a popular one in the next few weeks or months.

Case in point, book or movie reviews. Before a book is published, there won’t be too many searches for book reviews. However, more and more people will be searching once the book hits the shelves AND gets on the bestseller list.


Remember to always explore, keep up with new trends, and think outside of the box!

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