6 Things To Consider To Achieve Maximum Efficiency In Storage Capacity/Time/Cost for your Blogs.

Blogs Tips
Do blogging right.

     More and more people nowadays are engaging to the blogging industry. Lots of bloggers admits that they do post their very first article without learning all the basics. In this content, we will give you a good startup in creating your content.

1. Research
     Try to look for the great tools that will be your best toy like Google Adwords Keyword Tool for you to look for the keywords that is related to your topic. This will also provide you the capability to understand what phrases and words they targeting to increase their site traffic.

2. Images
     Complete the information about the image you use. Put keywords on file name, alternate text field and keywords for the description of the image.

3. Keywords
     Put most common keywords that is related to your post and put them to the Title, Headings/Subheadings, Introduction, In your paragraphs, Anchor text, Title tags and meta descriptions.

4. Subscribe
     Put RSS or Feed Subscription Buttons. This will allow your interested viewers/readers to be updated on what you post and this will really increase your credibility in blogging.

5. Social Media
     Spread what you post thru social media sites. With the continuous growth of social media users e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and etc. This can be a material to skyrocket your subscribers and viewers/readers once they got hooked on the content you are bringing to them. SEO tools like LinkCollider is one of the best urce to have Likes, Tweets, Subscribers, Followers & Web Traffic. You may also use Buffer where it is easier way to schedule posts, track the performance of your content, and manage all your accounts in one place

6. Reference
     Put space to your blogs to indicate your co-blogger or their article in your blog post. This is a great attitude for a blogger to have. Link backs from who you mention are not impossible. This is like give and take process.



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