3 Best Related Post Plugin for WordPress

Do you know the best Related Post plugin for your blog? If you’re in the market for the best free plugin for related posts in WordPress, you’ve come to the right place! We’re listing down the best and talking about their pros and cons.

Best Related Post Plugin

But first, let’s briefly touch on why every blog that wants to increase their daily traffic should have a Related Posts plugin. Here are the advantages of this specific type of WordPress tool:

  • Related Posts plugins point your readers to similar articles that they might also want to read or be interested in.
  • They help keep your readers longer on your site because a percentage may end up reading more than the one article they came to your site for.
  • As a result, Related Posts plugins keep your Bounce Rate down.
  • They also improve your Google Analytics for average length of time on site.
  • In addition, they increase your Page Views.
  • Related Posts plugins help readers see that you have other interesting articles as well.

Without it, your first-time readers who stumbled on your blog can easily exit after reading the article they came to read. They won’t know that there are other similar blog posts that they will find interesting.

In a nutshell, Related Posts plugins showcases more of your content to your readers.

So what are the best Related Post plugin names currently? Here they are in no particular order.


yet another related posts plugin yarpp

Brief Description: Yet Another Related Posts Plugin or YARPP is one of the most popular related post plugins. As of last count, it had more than 3M downloads. The algorithm consists of considering the post’s title, content, tags, and category.

Pros: A lot of new bloggers like YARPP because it’s very simple to install and easy to use. The results are also very satisfactory thanks to a good algorithm.

Cons: A down side of YARPP is that it is resource-intensive. Those who are worried about the speed of their site and who have limited resources might want to check out another plugin.


related posts for wordpress

Brief Description: Related Posts for WordPress is a simple and lightweight plugin that’s in contrast to YARPP in the use of resources.  All the resource intensive tasks are done in the admin area and cache is used to display related posts.

Pros: Related Posts for WordPress is a great alternative for bloggers who are very conscious of site speed. It is so light that it definitely won’t bog down your site.

It also displays related posts as thumbnails and as text display list.

Cons: Because of its simplicity, it doesn’t have so much bells and whistles. The customization is limited but if your tastes run along simple lines, then what this plugin has to offer might be more than enough for you.


yuzo related posts

Brief Description: Yuzo Related Posts is another best related post plugin alternative that you can consider. Like the first two, Yuzo has many active installs currently in WordPress.

Pros: This plugin has a comprehensive set of features. If you like a feature-rich plugin, you should check out Yuzo. It has thumbnail, horizontal, and list views.  It also has a built-in cache and a very customizable widget.

Cons: As expected of this feature-rich plugin, it is fast but not lightweight.

To choose the best Related Post plugin for your blog, you simply need to choose between rich features or speed. Once you understand your priorities for choosing a plugin for your site, it’s a simple matter to choose between the top related posts plugins.


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