5 Important Backlink Tips

Backlink tips are gold to new website owners who want to get on the path of building backlinks for their blogs. We previously discussed the 5 reasons why backlinks are important for your website. Now, let’s talk about the do’s and don’ts of backlinking.

backlink tips

A short review on backlinks

What are backlinks? As the name indicates, backlinks are websites that link back to you. This is usually done because you are seen as a reliable source, reference, or authority on a particular subject or topic. Quality backlinks are  an indicator of your website’s popularity, trust, and authority and thus help websites rank higher in search engines.


Apart from creating killer content and having other readers find you and link back to your awesome site, you can also be proactive and drop links to your sites from other websites. To name a few strategies, you can guest blog or drop your links in the comments section of websites.

Here are some very important tips in building backlinks:

Backlink Tips #1 : get backlinks from websites with high pageranks

With the latest Google algorithms, it is infinitely more desirable to get a backlink to a high PR site than a spammy website. So, make sure to check the PageRank of this website first.  The higher the PageRank, the more better it is.  You can check a website’s PageRank HERE.  If you create backlinks on sites that have lower PageRanks than yours, it can hurt the ranking of your site.

BACKLINK TIPS #2 :  Find similar websites to yours

Quality backlinks take real time and effort to build. If you just drop your links to any site and in any which way, it will be considered spammy by Google and you’ll get a penalty.

To avoid being labeled a spammer, find similar websites to yours and post on there.

LinkCollider.com has a FREE SEO tool that allows you to find websites in whatever niche you indicate so that you can post your link in the comments section.

BACKLINK TIPS #3 : Make meaningful contributions in high pr websites

Backlinks are also created when somebody posts a link to your site from the comments section of a blog. Thus, when dropping your link in a relevant discussion, make sure you are contributing value whenever you post or comment in blogs. This builds your reputation, makes your link more clickable, and zeroes out the chances of your comment being deleted or ignored.

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Again, make sure you are posting or commenting on high PR websites and blogs that have a direct relation to your niche.

BACKLINK TIPS #4 : Change the anchor text

Anchor text is the visible and clickable text in your hyperlink.  Vary and change the anchor text whenever you drop your links.  Of you don’t, you’ll look like a spammer who spams the Internet mindlessly with crap links. Google does not look favorably on this and will even penalize your site.

anchor text

Make it a habit to use a different anchor text whenever you post a backlink in a blog.

BACKLINK TIPS #5 :Check out your competitors’ backlinks

Here’s a nifty trick!

Tools like SEOMoz Open Site Explorer will let you see the sites that are linking back to any site.  And it’s free too! Check out your competition and see if there are any potential backlink creation opportunities you can take.  Knowledge is power so they say!

Author’s Note: If you want to get more backlinks for free, try out LinkCollider. It is primarily a site that helps you get followers and likes for your social media but it also has a FREE backlink building tool. Check it out HERE.



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